July 23rd, 2014

Just a quick update, I’m not dead.

I’ve just spent two weeks studying for my exams, a week finishing my exams, two weeks in the lovely Adelaide, and just got back last night. HELLO INTERENT! (My hotel doesn’t provide free wifi in the room thus I got to experience what it is like without internet which, was sad especially at night where you have no where to go and nothing to do except to stuff your face with expensive churros from San Churros Chocolateria. They were amazing btw. Just not sure if my jeans agrees with me.)

So I didn’t see any koalas but I did see sea lions, kangaroos, peacocks, cows, lambs/sheeps, horses, and an alpaca! Yes. I saw an alpaca for the first time ever and it was pretty adorable.

And no, I didn’t visit any wildlife park or the zoo because it was expensive (I spent too much on joining local tours that brought me to little Scottish and German towns, rivers, beaches, harbors, scenic drives, and Kangaroo Island which was pretty awesome), and really hard to get to without a car.

But I really did enjoy myself in Adelaide despite the few days of horrible weather. A girl could use some some sun and a little less rain when she visits Kangaroo Island yo.

Anyhow, I’m off to watch HTTYD 2 since school starts in 4 days…Heh. Where did all my time go?