April 14th, 2014

In two days, I caught up on 40 plus episodes of Fairy Tail while waiting for Nisekoi ep 14 to be released. Little did I know that Fairy Tale season 2 started on 5th April this year so imagine my surprise when I got to carry on watching without going through a hiatus meltdown of sorts (like what Sherlock did to me).

But I’m not sure if I like this arc. . _ .

I’m dreading the whole going back to the past and changing history. It WILL change the future and some of the arcs that happened won’t happen in their ‘new’ future and I DON’T LIKE IT.

This is seriously making me wanna read the manga and spoil it for myself so I don’t have to wait a week for a 24 minute episode

Edit : //

AND I ARE PLEASED (And and really excited for the anime. Now I have something to look forward to weekly together with Game of Thrones and Running Man!)

Guess I’d be spending my Easter break on anime since most of the drama series I’m watching are on hiatus + some neuroscience revision. The previous exam told me that if I don’t study harder for it, I’ll be seeing it again next year . v .

-le sigh-

February 20th, 2014

Goodbye braces!

March 13th 2012 – February 10th 2014

I got my braces removed. Ouch. My friend told me it wouldn’t hurt but it did for my front teeth when the dentist removed it. Either way, goodbye to having food bits stuck between wires because that really was no fun.

And hello purple retainers and lovely smile. You both look weirder than what I’ve imagined at first glance. Heh.

After feeling rough surfaces for so long, I thought there was a layer of wax when I ran my tongue over my teeth for the first time. It was just…so smooth like big white flat surfaces of sorts. Anyway, eating was a bit difficult because I somehow felt that my teeth are weaker without metal supporting it so I got a wee bit paranoid but I guess that’s kinda normal. Afterall, part of your teeth was shielded from icy cold water and hot soup. (Or maybe I just have sensitive teeth)

So here’s to a few months of retainers and mispronunciation which honestly quite funny.
Cheers! ^o^

February 6th, 2014

I’ve picked up reading again and even though I’ve said about a million times that I don’t like ebooks, I have to admit they are hella convenient . _ .

No need to worry if the book you want has been borrowed or if some stupid kid accidentally spilled orange juice over certain pages or if there are missing pages etc etc (Though my ipad doesn’t have the smell of paper or the sound of the book spine cracking but hey, I’m not complaining.)

I’ve forgotten how nice it is to read, to be able to step into another world/someone else’s shoes while the hours tick by. (Wonder why I’ve stopped reading in the first place.) In fact, some books makes me feel like I’ve seen more as compared to watching a movie while some books make me wanna start writing or roleplaying on gaia again even though good RPs are really hard to find as I recall. I gave up because half of it couldn’t stop complaining about how they don’t want 500 word posts even though my 500 words has nothing to do with describing the floorboards or curtains.


I like to write out how my character is feeling, what’s going through his/her mind but half the population there doesn’t appreciate it. The other half, to be fair, are pretty much amazing. (Just that the RPs are usually full or die pretty quickly)

Anyway, this is just an update to prove that I’m still alive and still prone to ranting as seen from the above.

Heh. Habits are hard to change I suppose.


December 1st, 2013

And it just happens to be my 100th post!


I’m not sure if it’s because I did some re-sizing but does the picture seems blurry? Heh. On my laptop, it looks nice and less orangy but the moment I upload it, weirdness attacks.

I shall try to retake that picture once I finish clearing out the spare cupboard so I have places to store my manga, nendoroid parts, and their boxes which refuse to flatten, and throwing them out isn’t even an option.

Oh and old clothes. I need to pack my wardrobe because I came home with a luggage full of clothes only to find my wardrobe FULL of clothes. This is probably the only time you’ll hear me say this but man, I have too much clothes it is not even funny because I actually have another luggage of winter clothes all packed and stored in Australia.

I’m dead sure I didn’t buy that much clothes when I was away so why is my wardrobe overflowing? I mean, it used to fit all my clothes before…

Melissa Seraphy

Yeah. That was just the expression I had (Just less cute) when I looked back and forth from wardrobe to open luggage.

Anyway, meet Melissa Seraphy (#36), whose face I cannot get enough of. She’s just so adorable and perfect for Halloween! (Even though I’m a bit too late for that)

And boy, old nendoroids are really simple. I can count the parts with one hand!


I mean, I love it when they come with loads of options but more parts means higher chance of it going missing. Like Sonico who came with a microphone. It was so tiny that I had double check every few minutes to ensure that it was still there while I was playing with her. Sometimes, my poor eyes fails me and I get a mini heart attack thinking I’ve lost it.

Sigh. Getting old.

I used to be able to sit for hours upon hours doing cross stitch. Just yesterday, I decided to start on a new project so I sat there for an hour or two stitching and oh boy. Back was aching, neck was aching, and is still aching! I think I need one of those music stands to hold the design and a neck brace of sorts so I don’t slouch.

Maybe if I did a bit of running….nah, who am I kidding. (Unless there’s a treadmill lying around home then maybe)

September 27th, 2013

but failed

I had this picture in mind while I was too lazy to get out of bed this morning. A little something to do with roses, white pearls, and some peachy pink color but when I got to my laptop and opened up my program….na da.

Zero ideas. I didn’t even know where to start (but I do know it is probably time for some change). What I did do was stare at the checked squares for a good five minutes or so before closing it and decided to have brunch while watching Grey’s Anatomy season 10 premiere which, was pretty great. I would have preferred no one dying but what’s a premiere without death, right? (Possible side effects of SPN perhaps?)

Anyway, I got myself a navel piercing on the 21st this month in Sydney. It was really painful. I could feel the needle going though inside me but I have to admit, the piercer (or were they called piercing artist?) was really good because feeling sore afterwards was something that didn’t really happen.

My friend got hers pierced and she said she couldn’t slouch while sitting down and was sore for two weeks but I had no problems slouching. Just that if the table was a bit low and I had to bend forward to eat, it will hurt a bit. Though currently, it is a little itchy. Some says it is a sign of healing while some says it is a sign of infection. I don’t see any red or swelling so I’m going to stick to the ‘healing’ theory.

Hopefully, my piercing won’t get rejected because I’ve been wanting a navel piercing since I was in high school but I wasn’t eighteen at that time and mom said no. It was brought up every once in a while but mom kept saying no and I wasn’t confident that I could hide it from her till I flew eight hours away from home for college.

I probably won’t be fully healed by the time I get home but at least my piercing wouldn’t be raw and I wouldn’t have to be all sneaky about it. Mom will freak out if she ever finds out and probably pester me about the hygiene of the shop, the price, if the needle was sterilized, complain to my dad, and my dad would say “Use hydrogen peroxide! I will heal wounds faster! It is better! USE IT!”

I just ain’t gonna use something that strong for my piercings. I mean, even too much sea salt when making saline solution can burn the piercing. hat makes you think I’m just going to pour chemical all over my piercing?

He should really listen to me when I tell him hydrogen peroxide isn’t THAT good. After all, he is the one paying for my biomedical science degree.


When I tell them actual facts that I learn in school with medical journal articles as backups and they are all skeptical about it.

Then they hear the same things from their friends or happen to chance upon it after doing research over the internet, they believe it AND TELLS ME ABOUT IT.

I’d be like “That was what I said!” and they would just go “Oh really?”

Sometimes I just wish they (mainly my dad) would listen when I tell them something is bad for their health.

You love them a lot but sometimes, they can make you really frustrated.
-shakes head slowly-

Moving on.
I’m currently trying to download Elementary season 2, ep 1 because I cannot find a decent quality stream online. The download speed basically crawling and I’m hungry again.

I swear I just had a mug of hot chocolate and ate like a huge bowl of udon that says ‘serves 2‘ on the packaging four hours ago. Why am I hungry again?

So much for showing off my piercing with crop tops for summer/late spring/when it higher than 25 degrees.

Anyway, I think I might have fast-forward half of season 1 because it feels like I haven’t watched it yet but it all seemed too familiar for me not to have watched it…heh. Well, doesn’t hurt to watch it again.

I love semester break without assignments.