December 1st, 2013

And it just happens to be my 100th post!


I’m not sure if it’s because I did some re-sizing but does the picture seems blurry? Heh. On my laptop, it looks nice and less orangy but the moment I upload it, weirdness attacks.

I shall try to retake that picture once I finish clearing out the spare cupboard so I have places to store my manga, nendoroid parts, and their boxes which refuse to flatten, and throwing them out isn’t even an option.

Oh and old clothes. I need to pack my wardrobe because I came home with a luggage full of clothes only to find my wardrobe FULL of clothes. This is probably the only time you’ll hear me say this but man, I have too much clothes it is not even funny because I actually have another luggage of winter clothes all packed and stored in Australia.

I’m dead sure I didn’t buy that much clothes when I was away so why is my wardrobe overflowing? I mean, it used to fit all my clothes before…

Melissa Seraphy

Yeah. That was just the expression I had (Just less cute) when I looked back and forth from wardrobe to open luggage.

Anyway, meet Melissa Seraphy (#36), whose face I cannot get enough of. She’s just so adorable and perfect for Halloween! (Even though I’m a bit too late for that)

And boy, old nendoroids are really simple. I can count the parts with one hand!


I mean, I love it when they come with loads of options but more parts means higher chance of it going missing. Like Sonico who came with a microphone. It was so tiny that I had double check every few minutes to ensure that it was still there while I was playing with her. Sometimes, my poor eyes fails me and I get a mini heart attack thinking I’ve lost it.

Sigh. Getting old.

I used to be able to sit for hours upon hours doing cross stitch. Just yesterday, I decided to start on a new project so I sat there for an hour or two stitching and oh boy. Back was aching, neck was aching, and is still aching! I think I need one of those music stands to hold the design and a neck brace of sorts so I don’t slouch.

Maybe if I did a bit of running….nah, who am I kidding. (Unless there’s a treadmill lying around home then maybe)

September 27th, 2013

but failed

I had this picture in mind while I was too lazy to get out of bed this morning. A little something to do with roses, white pearls, and some peachy pink color but when I got to my laptop and opened up my program….na da.

Zero ideas. I didn’t even know where to start (but I do know it is probably time for some change). What I did do was stare at the checked squares for a good five minutes or so before closing it and decided to have brunch while watching Grey’s Anatomy season 10 premiere which, was pretty great. I would have preferred no one dying but what’s a premiere without death, right? (Possible side effects of SPN perhaps?)

Anyway, I got myself a navel piercing on the 21st this month in Sydney. It was really painful. I could feel the needle going though inside me but I have to admit, the piercer (or were they called piercing artist?) was really good because feeling sore afterwards was something that didn’t really happen.

My friend got hers pierced and she said she couldn’t slouch while sitting down and was sore for two weeks but I had no problems slouching. Just that if the table was a bit low and I had to bend forward to eat, it will hurt a bit. Though currently, it is a little itchy. Some says it is a sign of healing while some says it is a sign of infection. I don’t see any red or swelling so I’m going to stick to the ‘healing’ theory.

Hopefully, my piercing won’t get rejected because I’ve been wanting a navel piercing since I was in high school but I wasn’t eighteen at that time and mom said no. It was brought up every once in a while but mom kept saying no and I wasn’t confident that I could hide it from her till I flew eight hours away from home for college.

I probably won’t be fully healed by the time I get home but at least my piercing wouldn’t be raw and I wouldn’t have to be all sneaky about it. Mom will freak out if she ever finds out and probably pester me about the hygiene of the shop, the price, if the needle was sterilized, complain to my dad, and my dad would say “Use hydrogen peroxide! I will heal wounds faster! It is better! USE IT!”

I just ain’t gonna use something that strong for my piercings. I mean, even too much sea salt when making saline solution can burn the piercing. hat makes you think I’m just going to pour chemical all over my piercing?

He should really listen to me when I tell him hydrogen peroxide isn’t THAT good. After all, he is the one paying for my biomedical science degree.


When I tell them actual facts that I learn in school with medical journal articles as backups and they are all skeptical about it.

Then they hear the same things from their friends or happen to chance upon it after doing research over the internet, they believe it AND TELLS ME ABOUT IT.

I’d be like “That was what I said!” and they would just go “Oh really?”

Sometimes I just wish they (mainly my dad) would listen when I tell them something is bad for their health.

You love them a lot but sometimes, they can make you really frustrated.
-shakes head slowly-

Moving on.
I’m currently trying to download Elementary season 2, ep 1 because I cannot find a decent quality stream online. The download speed basically crawling and I’m hungry again.

I swear I just had a mug of hot chocolate and ate like a huge bowl of udon that says ‘serves 2‘ on the packaging four hours ago. Why am I hungry again?

So much for showing off my piercing with crop tops for summer/late spring/when it higher than 25 degrees.

Anyway, I think I might have fast-forward half of season 1 because it feels like I haven’t watched it yet but it all seemed too familiar for me not to have watched it…heh. Well, doesn’t hurt to watch it again.

I love semester break without assignments.

August 21st, 2013

IMG_1702 IMG_1689
The Bondi To Coogee Walk!

IMG_1768 IMG_1766
Max Brenners and evening sky I happen to chance upon on the way home from school

It is the simple things that we sometimes forget to enjoy while we live our busy lives.

I re-watched all eight Harry Potter films, spreading it over three days, somehow managing to squeeze school and assignments in-between them. Forgot what it does to all my feels when the final movie credit started rolling.

I for one, am really happy that I got to grow up with this amazing series of work.

Peace out!

July 1st, 2013

It has been 1 month since my last update. I blame the exams and my laziness (and procrastination) because as hard as I try to deny it, I AM lazy. Well, at least I’m admitting to my faults and working on them because I could be re-watching Charmed right now instead of updating my blog.

Now, exams.
I’m not sure how they managed to fit all those information in a mere twelve weeks but what’s done is done and I now know better so starting from next semester, I will cut back on slacking and place more effort on studying. I sure do hope this whole ‘I will study hard’ determination stays for a month or two at the very least > >

Back home.
Yup, I am back home, far away from the winter in Australia because well, the cold isn’t exactly fun when you don’t move (aka, sit in front of a laptop for hours) and it feels like the temperature is dropping by the second even though the wall thermometer tells you otherwise. Who knew 19 degrees could make me shiver like that?

Besides, there is lots and lots of good food here so I can live with the heat and humidity. You have to understand, being a college student living in a self catered dorm means I’ll eat whatever that is edible in my fridge and cook whatever that requires the least time. By right, I should be losing weight but quite the contrary to my dismay. Tsk.

And here’s to the abrupt end to my post because my pictures are stuck in my camera. The card reader isn’t working and the cable is being a bitch so I’m just gonna go wrestle with electronics now.

May 31st, 2013

Since winter is creeping up over here, the spiders seems to be feeling the cold.

The other day, the guys from another block caught a funnel-web spider and they put it in a jar, named it Basil. Nicknamed Bas.

Of course, since poisonous spider is in a jar, there’s nothing to fear when they came around showing off their spoil which I took a good look at. Pretty impressive.

Then they caught another two breeds of spider which makes 3 different breeds in 3 days.

And I found one in the shower when I stepped in to take a shower. (Not a funnel-web, thank god.) My flatmates says it is one of the ‘normal’ ones but it looked too big to be close to normal. I was tempted to say something along the lines of ‘There is nothing normal about the size of that devil spawn’ but I didn’t cause it seemed like a normal thing for them to see spiders of that size. Afterall, one of them with shoes on stepped on it and shoved it to the side like it was as easy as peeling a banana.

Well, the spiders back at home probably screams tiny now but that doesn’t mean I can stay calm when I see them)

Anyway, I had a shower filled with paranoia because when I left it and went to ask my flatmate for help, it was IN the shower. When I returned, it was OUT of the shower which is…freaky. Are there two spiders or did it just crawl really really fast after many failed attempts of trying to crawl up the slippery tiles of the shower area?

It was like, I turned my back for a second and boom, it teleported outside the shower or got its twin to take its place while it hides behind a bar of soap of something.

And speaking of showers, day before the spider incident, there was the fire alarm incident.

See, we had this event called ‘Wizard’s Cup‘. It is where you drink canned booze and tape/stack the empty bottles as high as possible. Highest wins (Obviously).

Since it is called Wizard’s cup, some found it fun to make wands and stuff.

Some guy, while making the wand, somehow manage to press the fire alarm button with his butt and guess what I was doing?


Just my luck. Thankfully, I was done (close call) so I basically jumped into my clothes and went outside, leaving footprints and drops of water everywhere with my hair that was leaking water.

So, the security came and so did the fire truck. Talk about a big hoo-ha.

Fire fighters came out of their truck and the first thing they asked while walking towards our block, looking all chill was ‘So who has been cooking?’

When we replied no one, he gave a small laugh and went ‘Yeah right’.

I guess cooking is a fire hazard.

Anyway, I hope that when I shower today, there will be peace like usual.

Besides, I don’t think I’ll be that lucky the next time something happens. See, fire alarm incident, I was done showering. Spider incident, I haven’t started showering though my clothes were off.

Who knows if the next time something happens (like a freaking blackout), I’ll be in the middle of my shower and there’s no one to help me. Or worst, if the water supply gets cut off. Or both plus some spider lurking in a corner.

Great job scaring myself.