December 5th, 2010

So, the fudgy chocolate cake was not exactly my type of cake and the green tea latte was too sweet.

Overly sweet.

Anyway, I went shopping at ION and I got a headache from all the people and the pop music blasting through the different stores.

This is probably why I prefer to stay home and rot on weekends.

So, first stop, Levi’s.

Out of five or four or maybe even six pairs, I only bought two pairs because the rest was like, sold out.

But nevertheless, I was happy with a new pair of jeans and my first ever skinnys.

Next stop, GUESS.

They were have a 50% discount on some jeans so my mom and I tried on the same design. Turns out that it looked better on her so she bought it instead.

After that, we went to Skechers.

Out of 3 pairs of shoes I picked, none had my size.

Okay, so one did have my size but it didn’t look good on my feet. Its odd how my mom always says that I have big feet but in reality, there are, apparently a lot of other people with the so called big feet! How else would you explain the sudden disappearance of shoes of my size?

So, feeling depressed, we went out of Skechers and walked into Steve Madden upon seeing the cute boots on display. This time, it was either the colour that wasn’t nice or it had heels. I can’t possibly wear heels for a holiday in China that required lots and LOTS of walking.

So, moving on. Sephora.

I think the salesman/women at the perfume section gets commission or something.

I was looking at DIOR. The salesman came by and instead of recommending me DIOR stuff, he started with Chanel. I thought he was just you know, being nice.

Then, I walked over to the other shelf and ta-da!!

Harajuku Lovers!! OMG. The dolls were adorable and the black and pink one was awesome (I think it was Love). So, I was admiring the cute dolls when another saleman came over.

He started recommending Juicy Couture when I was CLEARLY interested in Harajuku but no, he kept giving me samples of Juicy’s and said about some free gift or something.

Feeling mega odd, I smiled, said thank you and walked away only to return to the shelf beside it half a minute later.

This time, Anna Sui’s forbidden affair caught my eye. The packaging was pretty and it reminded me of the Little Black Dress; the problem with valentine’s day book cover page.

As you can guess by now…another salesman came over and this time, he was promoting VERSACE. In the end, I bought Versace; Versace/Singaute/Versense (I don’t know which one is the correct name for it) cause it smells better than forbidden affair.


Oh, they gave me a 5ml bottle of bright crystal. Apparently it was a free gift. Well, I was given a choice of either Versace woman or Bright crystal so I obvious went with bright crystal cause firstly, its pink, secondly, the packing is cute, thirdly, it seems super popular so…no harm trying. And it does smell better than versace woman. I think.

Anywayz, took a walk in Uniqlo, went into Monsoon to look at the hats and browsed through the jeans in New look before heading to Nike at Wheelock. Bought a pair of shoes.

It was like purple with silver polka dots and it had my size! Okay, so at first, the guy could not find my size but it was written on the card that there was so, my mom told him to go search which he did, after leaving the half a size smaller pair that he found.

I could fit into it but I wasn’t wearing socks so if I was, it would be even tighter which is not a good thing. I don’t want swollen feet at the end of the day because I’m wearing it to China and stuff.


So, jeans down, shoes down. I’m now left with those things that you wear inside which will keep you warm and a hat, gloves and maybe a scarf. And I think those things are called inner wear or something.

Oh wells. More shopping tomorrow. My sister is still lacking shoes and the whole family, the inner wear thingy.

November 26th, 2010

Mommy bought home a box of lovely Japanese croissant. Apparently, her friend bought it for my sister and I but I doubt by sister will eat it so I’m claiming it as mine.

Close up 1

Oh wells.

I finish watching HOTD. Didn’t exactly like the ending and now, I’m starting on Angel Beats. The link for ep 3 seems to be dead and I don’t want to skip an episode so….I will just have to source for another link or some sort.

Will post more pictures soon. Have been super busy with my PP poster. I’m presenting it tomorrow at 4pm so wish me luck!

Oh, and look at my microbes! =[]

[Lentinus edodes]

November 18th, 2010

Yesterday was a holiday.

What I did for the whole day was sitting in front of my lappy and spammed Katekyō Hitman Reborn.
Awesome anime. Kinda sad that it ended.

The manga had this other part after Tsuna defeated Byakuran. Something about the ceremony to officially become the 10th boss of the Vongola Family then some family called Shimon attacked and blah blah blah. I hope that that part would be included in the anime.

And so much for uploading those pictures > >
I will edit them and upload them…soon.

Now, I’m starting on Kaichou wa maid-sama. Currently at ep 5.
Usui is so cute > 3 <

December 30th, 2009

I was watching Kambakkht Ishq just now and there came a knock on the door.

My postage arrived.


It looked so…small – _ – !

Still can’t believe I paid 39 dollars for it.

The clay is glittered though…kinda shiny and pretty and shiny.

Oh and everything in Japanese. How wonderful.

There are illustrations though but a yellow looking bottle thing with yellow looking liquid dripping on the white thing on top of a mold with a bunch of cute Japanese characters below doesn’t tell me much.

Besides, I don’t see any yellow looking bottle thing.

Oh wells. Time to search online.

December 29th, 2009

Dang. Supposed to have a movie marathon yesterday with 4 of my friends but….


Sorry guys o ^ o

Was supposed to go tanning with girlfriend on the 23rd but something else came up.

> _ < ! I’m sorry!


Now…I am broke.

I spent 39 bucks and 29 cents? on a fuwa fuwa paper clay set thingy.

Please take a moment to console my poor, shiny, awesome, purple with a white heart purse.

Now, I hunted for a little note in small font that says “Prices are in blah currency” on the site but I didn’t see any after scrolling up and down and looking all around.

Happy me.

So much cheaper than the ones sold here. Must be the tax and everything.

So, signed up for an account, looked through all their products, chose the one that I wanted, added product to chart and clicked “check out”.

Confirmed billing/shipping address, doubled-checked everything, selected “paypal” as method of paying and…





all prices are in USD.

They cheated my feelings ; – ;

Sad me now.

So, according to the paypal exchange rate, 1 SGD = 0.690269 USD.

19.50 divided by 0.690269 = 28.24985 blah blah blah.

Oh wells.

Who can I blame? I should also have read through the FAQs.

Now, I selected the shipping method and clicked finalize order and there came the bill.

“Description:Mousse-chan Kira-Kira Paper Clay Set ~ Sweet’s Accessory,Item no:STT152Unit price:$19.50 USDQty:1Amount:$19.50 USD Description:First Class Airmail,Unit price:$7.60 USDQty:1Amount:$7.60 USD”

Now they tell me everything is in USD. – _ – ||

I could have saved a few bucks if I chose the slower shipping but upon seeing the little line of text which says “Shipping might take up to eight weeks during Christmas season”, I told myself it is worth it.

Guess it is still cheaper than the ones sold here?


Oh wells. I then clicked on the link and entered the paypal site, confirmed payment and everything else.

They sent a confirmation e-mail like 9? hours later (not the automated ones) and another one, three hours later on the same day saying that they received the payment.

The next day, my order is ready for shipping. They sent one more mail triple checking the address and said they will ship my order the following day.

Quite fast, I suppose.

Oh wells. Hope it is worth it.

And I hope I am not that unlucky. > _ >

Mom said we are going to AEON Bukit Indah Shopping Centre in Malaysia on the 1st so if the package gets shipped out on the 26th and arrives on the 7th day…it would be on the 1st.

No one would be at home x _ x

Terrible I tell you. Terrible.

Oh. I also bought a fake Tiffany&Co. Bracelet and a necklace and it cost 26 bucks in total. No shipping cost and yes, no hidden USD or other currency thing.

Still can’t beileve I spent 65 dollars on three items.


Oh wells. More shopping on the first. Things should be cheaper in Malaysia.

I went there once and the first shop I spotted was Etude House. ^ o ^

So pink and princess-y.

Okay. Not a very good picture of it cause it is supposed to look much pinky-ier than that.

Think I’m going to try and make my mom buy stuff for me there.

Lee Min-ho is endorsing their men’s product and though I am not really a fan of him, I have to say that he looks UBER CUTE!

I want his poster. 8 D