December 20th, 2012

Oh god no.

I per-orered nendoroid Mirai Suenaga at the start of this month and at the same time, decided to get Saber (because Saber in lion suit jut screams ‘BUY ME’) along with it just to save on the shipping fees. I mean, it costs about 970 yen for one nendoroid and 1,350 yen for two if you use SAL small registered parcel. (Not sure about anything more than that because I haven’t had the money to buy that many in one breath).

Of course, the unregistered one is much cheaper but what’s the point of paying less if my nendoroid is going to end up missing/stranded somewhere?

Anyway, since Mirai has been delayed till next month, my combined shipping obviously failed so I have to pay 970 yen TWICE.

The thing I don’t understand is Saber was re-released sometime in November but I only ordered her during December and Mirai was supposed to be released in December so combine shipping was possible. BUT, since Mirai got delayed, why can’t my Saber order be pushed to next month?

I did email them, asking about it but their reply was “We are unfortunately unable to ship together items released in different months.”

I guess it’s company policy but I still find it really annoying and upsetting having to pay 590 yen more. Call me a penny pincher if you like but it is a expensive hobby so I would very much like to save whatever I can. (Btw, I got my Yune for 500 yen so yeah.)

Okay, so the exchange rate did drop a tiny bit but I am still feeling a little indignant about it.

Hope that Kirito and Yuno a) doesn’t get delayed or b) both gets delayed but bottom line being both has to be in the same month. I also have to decide where I want them to ship my items because I’ll be going overseas for collage.

Speaking of collage (it being expensive aside), I feel that their admin system is rather slow.

Here’s one example.

I applied for credit exemption on the 25th of September and have yet to receive a reply.

My advisor said that I have to wait till mid of Jan next year due to year-end break.


November 20th, 2012

I’m down with a cold and it is miserable.

Usually, I am one of the few survivors when the virus/bugs invades the classrooms. Even at my work place, when most of them were down with the cold/flu bugs, I was fine.

Can’t even remember the last time I was ill.

Maybe it’s because I graduated from school and quit my job thus reducing the people around me since I don’t like going out. No more war zones for my immune system to fight thus it gets lazy and when the missile hits, boom. Bad sore throat, runny nose, headaches and though this is more of a braces thing, my molar hurts.

Side note, I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE for nendoroid Menma but it seems to be out of stock/pre-owned and I don’t trust ebay/amazon/etc sites with the bootleg version going around.

I NEED Menma in my collection because she looks fucking adorable.

Why don’t I buy the pre-owned one? Well, there are damages to the box and it is much more expensive.

Why would I pay more for something that is damaged especially when I have this pet peeve of requiring my nendoroid boxes to be perfect.

Good smile, please produce a second batch of it. You can even raise the prices.

Go on and take my money please ; _ ;

September 26th, 2011

It is finally over.

For the past 5 days, I had 2 meals per day and stood for about 40 hours (or more) in total.

My arms, wrist and apparently, neck, hurts from carrying the silver tray while my heel hurts with every step I take. I look like a walking crab or something.

So fucking tired.

The only few differences between last year and this year was that I had to serve a bigger and much more crowded room, the supervisors didn’t let us eat the food or let us rest our feet behind. Last year, our supervisor and chef saved food for us behind and told us to go in and have a 5 minutes break every now and then. This year, we had to sneak behind to rest and as for food, we told the chef to save a bit for us but with such a crowded room, how much can they save and how much can we eat?


Next year, I am not going back.

I really cannot imagine myself standing there for long hours while serving in that noise on the very last day. Those Formula One engines are SO loud. It’s about what? 125 dB? And they just go by one after another. Hell, just when the race started, I almost cried because EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE CARS started roaring their engines.

I couldn’t even put on earplugs because if I did, I wouldn’t be able to hear the customers’ order.

Oh, btw, I was serving in the hospitality suites (F1 Corporate Packages) and each person there paid about SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS.

I cannot believe how rich those people are.

June 3rd, 2011

I still can’t fix the footer.

And it has been MONTHS already!!

Oh crap.

April 14th, 2011

It is when the love of your life has no time for you. That’s when you, or I, in this case, realized that one can really just feel sad for no reason at anytime of the day like a hormonal bitch. Worst case scenario, cry in the middle of they day just like those dramas on tv.

Okay, so I didn’t cry in the middle of the day out of nowhere. ( >_> )

So, out of all the medical dramas that I’ve watched, doctors are super busy. Before they were doctors, they were super busy too.

I always thought they were just being dramatic because…it IS a drama that I’m watching.

In reality, they really are that busy.

So busy to the point that I really wonder how doctors keep their marriage going at times.

I mean, you get night shift for a week and your wife would spend a week alone!

By the time you come home to bed, she would be getting ready for work or having breakfast. Either way, you just finished your night shift which makes you extremely sleepy and the only thing you can see is your nice soft bed.

And yes. This is a rant plainly because I can only communicate to my special someone through the net unlike those lucky ones who can actually go on dates and show their special someone to their friends.

(In summary, LDR can really be a pain in the ass. And all that above was just a long rant.)

Back to the topic.

Okay, so it is a bit like you are preparing for your GCE “O” Levels and so, the only life you basically have with books and/or in the library. Maybe with tons of snacks and an awesome playlist.

But once you are done with your exams, your life comes back!

Having a job is not like having an exam. Unless you see it as a very very verrryyy long exam which ends when you start your retirement.

That being the case, how do people with those super busy jobs have time for their family?

I don’t want my future home to be like a hotel where I “check-in” whenever my job gives me a break. I mean, that would just be so sad.

Imagine you have a kid and he or she comes home to an empty house after school everyday! No wait, scrap that. How do you even find time to have a kid of you’re so busy? ( o – o )

Something that is completely off topic : I bought hair extensions from GirlHairDo today. That’s their site. I found it a little odd so I went straight down to their store. Turns out I was just being paranoid. (. x .)

Considered cheap and the quality is kind of good for something called synthetic fiber. I think I will be going back again to get more next month or so.

And because LDR is being a pain in the ass, I even made my own profile layout on gaiaonline so that I have something to busy myself with. Took me about seven hours in total, inclusive of coding.

I amazed myself with it. It is my first try at it after all. ( ^ o ^ ) b

Oh, and I won creative patch award from The Quilting Bee <3

First award ever! Especially when I just joined about a month ago. Teehee. Feels awesome!