May 23rd, 2014

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Spring Miku, Sailor Uniform version; a prize from Family Mart Happy Lottery 2014 in Japan.

There’s actually two versions, one with the piano and backdrop which I bought and the other is just an alternate uniform version without the piano and whatsnot (but it looks freaking awesome so there’s a chance that I MAY get it when my bank account recovers from the sudden weight loss. I mean, it was already underweight to begin with T o T )

Maybe I’ll get to take it on a test shot when my roommate leaves for classes every Tuesdays because I find it embarrassing to do it when she’s around. AND probably mess with my camera settings a bit before cobwebs starts to form. I mean, it has been about a 6 months or so and I still don’t know what half the buttons/settings does.

December 1st, 2013

And it just happens to be my 100th post!


I’m not sure if it’s because I did some re-sizing but does the picture seems blurry? Heh. On my laptop, it looks nice and less orangy but the moment I upload it, weirdness attacks.

I shall try to retake that picture once I finish clearing out the spare cupboard so I have places to store my manga, nendoroid parts, and their boxes which refuse to flatten, and throwing them out isn’t even an option.

Oh and old clothes. I need to pack my wardrobe because I came home with a luggage full of clothes only to find my wardrobe FULL of clothes. This is probably the only time you’ll hear me say this but man, I have too much clothes it is not even funny because I actually have another luggage of winter clothes all packed and stored in Australia.

I’m dead sure I didn’t buy that much clothes when I was away so why is my wardrobe overflowing? I mean, it used to fit all my clothes before…

Melissa Seraphy

Yeah. That was just the expression I had (Just less cute) when I looked back and forth from wardrobe to open luggage.

Anyway, meet Melissa Seraphy (#36), whose face I cannot get enough of. She’s just so adorable and perfect for Halloween! (Even though I’m a bit too late for that)

And boy, old nendoroids are really simple. I can count the parts with one hand!


I mean, I love it when they come with loads of options but more parts means higher chance of it going missing. Like Sonico who came with a microphone. It was so tiny that I had double check every few minutes to ensure that it was still there while I was playing with her. Sometimes, my poor eyes fails me and I get a mini heart attack thinking I’ve lost it.

Sigh. Getting old.

I used to be able to sit for hours upon hours doing cross stitch. Just yesterday, I decided to start on a new project so I sat there for an hour or two stitching and oh boy. Back was aching, neck was aching, and is still aching! I think I need one of those music stands to hold the design and a neck brace of sorts so I don’t slouch.

Maybe if I did a bit of running….nah, who am I kidding. (Unless there’s a treadmill lying around home then maybe)

August 26th, 2013

Has anyone seen the nendoroid of Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi?

Well, I have.

Let me steal post some promo pictures of her from Good Smile.

Look at those big blue eyes screaming “Bring me home!”. She even has an eating expression with little buns and a plate of curry and rice that comes along with it! (You can just click on the picture and it will take you to the website)

So, including shipping, it will cost about 50 over bucks and here’s the problem.

I am a poor college kid

50+ bucks can buy me a week of groceries, snacks, and junk food included so I can’t decide if I should get it.

Like, I wanted to get Snow Miku but decided that 80 bucks was a bit too much but now, I’m aching all over whenever I see a picture of her, saying the same thing to myself which goes along the lines of “God you idiot! Should have just gotten it”. I mean, I’m not a fan of Miku but this strawberry white kimono version of her is really amazing. If I knew I wanted it this badly back then, I should have just bought it since I had extra money.

When I do have money, there’s nothing I want but when I don’t, it’s like everything became cute suddenly.

I mean, it IS a pre-order so I don’t have to pay but I cannot cancel it. What if I have like a negative bank balance when I have to pay for it?

What if I have money when it is time for me to pay for it?

I-I can’t.

So here’s an unedited picture of Kirito and Black Rock Shooter taken with my lumix in black and white mode because life seems grey at the moment.


July 11th, 2013


Meet Yuno from Hidamari Sketch.

One of my two latest addition to my nendoriod collection family.

I should be posting more but after getting pictures from camera to laptop (finally!), and making that very simple image, I am too tired (aka lazy) to edit the rest of the pictures.

Well, I didn’t do a good job of sticking that expression on the blank face she came with thus you can see the reflection on one of her eyes (I think it is due to my fingerprints since I removed it once). Yes, she came with a completely blank face and a set of sticker expression. Pretty cool yet troublesome at the same time….

But even with that blotched up job, I think she’s adorable.

May 6th, 2013






Nuff said. ^ o ^

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