January 16th, 2016

RIP Alan Rickman, the one and only professor Snape.

I, as a fan of Harry Potter, didn’t even know I liked you this much till I saw news of your passing and couldn’t stop crying. It’s been 2 days and I have to scroll down really fast past facebook posts with HP mentions because I can’t bear to read it.

You are a great actor, one that brought life to a character everyone hated and then couldn’t stop loving. (I must add that I’m not dismissing any of his other works. It’s just that I grew up with HP and it’s just really hard to explain)

So turn to page 394 but this won’t be the last time. You will be in the memory of all the fans and will be forever known as professor Snape to me.

Let’s raise our wands.

January 16th, 2016

2015 was a year of well, it was an interesting year.

See, I took a semester off because sharing a room in 2014 was very stressful. They say you never really know your friend till you live with them and were they right or what. I didn’t eat well, I didn’t sleep well, and oh the drama. That and my grades were never good because I hate studying to be honest, and because of that, I had to extend my studies.

So when I went back to school July of 2015, I kinda missed my friends so I went to dinner at their place and there, I met my current boyfriend.

I’m not trying to say that one should be lazy and get bad grades or fail but life works in a way you never expect it. If I had passed every one of my modules, I would have graduated and never met this wonderful (kinda dorky too) guy.

Sure, it was hard when you see all your friends graduating and you’re the only one remaining in place but I believe that you haven’t failed until you give up and I, have not given up.

I still want to be a researcher, and work in a lab. Sucks that I need my GPA to prove that I am worthy to even be trained in the job.

Anyhow, here’s to 2016 (16 days late but better late than never). May it be an even more fulfilling year.

October 1st, 2014

October reminds me of Halloween and though I don’t celebrate it, I feel attracted to the holiday.
Maybe it’s the decorations, maybe it’s the reese on sale, maybe it’s the special movies that goes up on tv, or maybe it’s autumn. (Though where I’m at, it is spring. Heh)

Anyhow, I have started writing again (on gaia) and it has been slow, but pretty fun.
I’ve got my pink 3ds and pokemon x (I never thought the new 3ds would be about the same price but it’s too late for regrets now)
My roommate has gone for placement so I have the place to myself (A clean room! Finally!)
Mid semester break is ending but I feel great about it. Perhaps knowing I’d be home in another two months is making me feel great or it might be the fact that I get the whole place to myself for 5 weeks.
And I also realize the menu bar looks off for Chrome (maybe it is just me) but for the rest of the browser I’ve tried, it looks alright so maybe I’ll iron it out if I can.

And that’s my little updates.

Oh and I’ve been trying to eat clean but let’s be real, those smith chips going on offer every two weeks ain’t making it easy.


February 6th, 2014

I’ve picked up reading again and even though I’ve said about a million times that I don’t like ebooks, I have to admit they are hella convenient . _ .

No need to worry if the book you want has been borrowed or if some stupid kid accidentally spilled orange juice over certain pages or if there are missing pages etc etc (Though my ipad doesn’t have the smell of paper or the sound of the book spine cracking but hey, I’m not complaining.)

I’ve forgotten how nice it is to read, to be able to step into another world/someone else’s shoes while the hours tick by. (Wonder why I’ve stopped reading in the first place.) In fact, some books makes me feel like I’ve seen more as compared to watching a movie while some books make me wanna start writing or roleplaying on gaia again even though good RPs are really hard to find as I recall. I gave up because half of it couldn’t stop complaining about how they don’t want 500 word posts even though my 500 words has nothing to do with describing the floorboards or curtains.


I like to write out how my character is feeling, what’s going through his/her mind but half the population there doesn’t appreciate it. The other half, to be fair, are pretty much amazing. (Just that the RPs are usually full or die pretty quickly)

Anyway, this is just an update to prove that I’m still alive and still prone to ranting as seen from the above.

Heh. Habits are hard to change I suppose.


October 8th, 2013

Picture of sky taken at Bar Beach.

Deadlines, deadlines, dealines.

I absolutely did no work at all during my 2 week break so I guess it is time to work hard and start studying if I even remember how to. Two weeks of rest and I think I’ve returned my lecture everything he/she taught.

Just 7 more weeks till the school year ends and I can go enjoy Sydney, visit little cafes and watch the world go by as I sip on my drink, finally go home, and hang out with my old friends.

A few more quizzes, a few more assignments, 4 more weeks of lectures, 4 exams in 3 days, and I’d be free.

Really looking forward to the end of it.

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