October 31st, 2011

Not that I celebrate Halloween even though I would love to.

It is just not…popular here.

Anyway, I have been pixeling! So…here’s a sneak peek of one, yes, ONE pixel doll that I made purely on MS paint. Oh and PS7 which I used to make the background transparent.

I edited a bit of my shading style and well, I tried my best. Not as good those pro pixelers but hey, baby steps…baby steps :3

PS : Do NOT Steal.

September 17th, 2011

Looking at my archives, I realized I haven’t been blogging for months!

So, feeling bad about it, I decided to give my blog a change of clothes! (Meaning, new layout). T’was about time anyway.

Since exams are over too, I gave my quilt a fresh change of clothes as well as some mending and washing. I am currently awfully pleased with myself. If only I can get that Tumblr theme to work. Man, you won’t believe how many parts there is. I almost went crazy over it and decided to use a free theme instead after getting hopelessly lost in the mass of codes. Well, I did modify the free theme a teeny tiny bit. ^ 3 ^

Other than that, I have started to re-learn Japanese. I stopped like…a year ago because of..uh, well, I got annoyed and couldn’t understand why they needed three types of systems and a few days ago, I was packing up my cabinets and drawers and I found my old Japanese notes and I felt like taking it up again.

Yes I took it up on impulse and yes, I might stop randomly again but at least I am trying. This time, it seems much MUCH easier because surprisingly, I could remember my hiragana so it only took me a full day to re-fresh and remember the stroke order. So now, I am just left with katakana and kanji. Kanji shouldn’t be difficult at all because I know chinese and well, the meanings are about the same so I only have to know how to read those chinese characters in japanese! (I hope)

On a side note, I’ve got about 5 days of work. Kinda dreading it because its an event (Formula 1) and it gets crazy and as noisy as hell. High noise level causes stress which leads to me getting stressed and to be honest, I am terrified of offending someone unintentional during the last day.

On the bright side, the pay is rather good which means I can get my polaroid right after I am paid!

^ o ^

June 3rd, 2011

I still can’t fix the footer.

And it has been MONTHS already!!

Oh crap.

March 13th, 2011

I have decided to put my pixels, scribbles and some CGs/Vectors or whatever you might call them up for display =)

It includes both past and present work. Not a lot but they are all my hard work. Teehee.

March 1st, 2011

I was right. WordPress themes are a pain in the ass….

Fun, nevertheless.

Anyway, I seem to be missing something. The footer won’t align properly when viewed in firefox. Works perfectly in IE though. I wonder why…

Haven’t tried for safari and google chrome yet….

I kinda wanted to have the navigation bar with drop down menu just below or above the header but it looks complicated. I mean, I can’t even get a footer to work properly D :

Sighs. back to tweaking then.