February 27th, 2011

Officially hosted by SecretKiss!

Still figuring out some admin things.


February 25th, 2011

So, I have decided to switch back from Blogger to WordPress.

Though the themes part annoy me to the extreme because I cannot customized it nor make my own theme. Unless I pay…of course. If I pay, then I can edit this theme’s css. If I buy a domain and use wordpress.org, I can create my own wordpress theme!

Which I feel would be a pain in the ass because of all the codes.

Anyway, I realized I lost a lot, A LOT of posts because I changed too many blogs in-between and apparently lost the password to it or forgot the email address.

It is SO sad. I mean, I remember posting about graduation and other stupid stuff about high school. Now that I can’t find them, it sucks. One day, I will not remember all the small details that happened in my life that I blogged about and there won’t be anything to remind myself of those stupid things that cannot be captured on camera in my high school years.

T ^ T

It’s the strange feeling you get when you read your past post that I like.

October 10th, 2009

Little Miss Otaku.

I have decided that that will be my site name. New site, new start. Leggo!

September 21st, 2007

Yeah…I’ve brought my blog back from the arms of WordPress. Seriously, wordpress is such a great blogging tool but how in the world was I supposed to understand the complicated language they use??

I understands that a footer and a header must be present in any coding concerning php and in div layouts. I also understands that the css code is important to give a blog it’s colours and life but I don’t understand why does a page for links, a page for search, a page for sidebar, a page for single, a page for 404 and a page for archive is needed.

I also have no idea how to upload the coded theme onto wordpress and has nearly gone crazy countless of time just trying to get the pages ventilated with valid html and css.

Anywayz, my show has just currently started so I blog later or just edit this.