October 19th, 2007

This is something which happened….on chewing and on stabbing and throwing and A LOT more

Wondy: i chew 2 year olds.
Me: I chew…
Valerie: can you blow a bubble? :3
Me: Yes…Yupps….bubble gum bubblesoap bubble…
Wondy: yeah sure,i use their mucus to blow bubbles :]
Me: ……
…………..So…how does it taste like??
Wondy: -5 yr olds’ mucus tastes like strawberry with lemonade n3n you should try it!
Me: …..Strawberry with lemonade….
I don’t think that it is a very good combination…
Ok…I don’t know if you are just plain weird or being a genius..Maybe you are both…the weird genius creep lol
Wondy: lol weird genius creep~ xD
believe me,it is ;]
Jeannine: I chew wondys.Wondys are special creepy little rare creatures. It taste weird yet delicious at the same time.
Katie: wow wondy. thats normal… trying to turn into the human gloomy bear are we?
i think counseling would be a good thing right now, dear.
Tracy: XD lol hehe hrrmm…*copies jeannine*
I chew Jeannines.Jeannines are strangely disturbed friendly endagered species of a creature mixed between a pig woman and a snail. They taste like a chicken dipped in chocolate squished into a bag of chilli.

Some parts of the convo was taken out because it has nothing to do with the “gross factor” topic thing. It was more of a “what chocolate do you like” topic so I cut those part out.


Wondy: i have matching username color,avatar,and sig 8]
omg i have to go back to school tommoro D8 *dies* and i want to stab an apple so badly….i have no idea why lol
sup at you bebe?
Jeannine: I like apples
Wondy: *stabs you*
Jeannine: *eats you*
Katie: i dont like apples so go right ahead.
Jeannine: *eats katie*>Oapples are delicious >:C
Wondy: i lyk green apples. i hate red apples tho
Valerie: i love green apples. the red ones are bad.
Jeannine: *eats Valerie too*
Emma: *eats Jeannine because she ate everyone else*
Jeannine: awwww poop ;~;
*eats apple*
Katie: *cant really post or do this because she’s been eaten*
*throws apples at jeannine*

This part here consist of some stabbing and more throwing of things

Me: Yeah…stabbing is not good….no no no no no
Qianning: A for Apple Pie
Me: B is for Boy
C is for Callie
and that’s all you need to know =)
*in love with self*
Wondy: *hates you all* >:P
Me: That’s so mean….Wondy the meanie
sitting in a tree
blah blah blah blah – ing
Wondy: oh oh!”wondy the meanie
sitting in a tree
stabbing callie,omg!”
Jeannine: *punches WoNdY tHe CrEeP for stabbing Callie*
*eats popcorn*
*throws apple at Emma*
*eats Qianning*
i’m kewl~
Katie: lol. at least wondy can do one thing nice, rhyme… although that rhyme wasnt nice…
Valerie: lol that was a funny rhyme wondy :p
Me: OMG!! I got stab and I just found out…DOCTOR!!!Valerie is a meanie…she thinks that wondy stabbing callie is funny T_T
Wondy: *punches Jeannine back* OBEY ME,IDIOT!
Valerie: sorry callie ๐Ÿ˜›
its not funny, but the rhyme is ๐Ÿ˜›
Katie: doctor katie is here callie! now where does it hurt…
Me: I don’t know…ask the person who stab me….I think I’m having a major blood loss and I can’t remember…everything seems so blurry >.< Emma: omg *throws apples back*
We both have really good aim for stabbed people ๐Ÿ˜›
Jeannine: I SHALL NEVER OBEY A CREEP.unless the creep is me…which in this situation, I’m not.
*punches wondy back*
*throws bananas at emma*
Wondy: *shoots Jeannine with my uber awesome banana-gun*
Me: Banana gun…
*see bananas flying*

Next update, you’ll see more. Oh yeah…trust me…you will.

October 19th, 2007

A pretty pink dress, fancy pink shoes
A pink headband to hold up the fringe

A powered face
A brush of blusher
A tint of lip gloss
A stroke of eye shadow
Perfect eyeliner
Perfect eyelashes

A slight touch of perfume
It is complete

Curl your lips
Seduce them
Battle your eyelashes
Bring them back

Kill them softly
Slash them gently
Let blood trickled
Let them fear

Destroy their hopes
Drown them in sorrow
Prison them
Chain them
They are your toys
Part of your collection
For you are the perfect doll

The Perfect Doll
Friday, October 19, 2007
ยฉ 2007 Misa

Copying this work to another webpage without author permission is plagiarism.Plagiarism is a misdemeanor, usually punishable by fines of $100-$50000 and up to one year in jail.

October 19th, 2007

A tale of a Vampire

A drip of blood
Made him smile
An impulsion that will stain

A love so deep yet so frail
That will wither away

A drip of blood made him kill
The one he loved so deep

What he has done
Cannot be resolved

Heโ€™s loved one is now gone

Blood was his desire
All that he want
All that he needed to sustain

Never growing old
With charm and beauty
Luring girls into death

As shocks sets in
The girl screams
Truth revealed
All too late

All died with fear
Shown on their face
All except for one

The one that knows
The truth behind
The one that knows
The sadness behind

She broke his cold heart
Warmed his cold face
Brighten his life
In the darkness of the night

He placed her in a coffin
A tear trickled down
Never will he forget
The day they met

Off he goes looking for his victim
But never will he forget
The one lying in the coffin

A tale of a Vampire
Friday, October 19, 2007
ยฉ 2007 Misa

Copying this work to another webpage without author permission is plagiarism.Plagiarism is a misdemeanor, usually punishable by fines of $100-$50000 and up to one year in jail.

September 21st, 2007

Yeah…I’ve brought my blog back from the arms of WordPress. Seriously, wordpress is such a great blogging tool but how in the world was I supposed to understand the complicated language they use??

I understands that a footer and a header must be present in any coding concerning php and in div layouts. I also understands that the css code is important to give a blog itโ€™s colours and life but I don’t understand why does a page for links, a page for search, a page for sidebar, a page for single, a page for 404 and a page for archive is needed.

I also have no idea how to upload the coded theme onto wordpress and has nearly gone crazy countless of time just trying to get the pages ventilated with valid html and css.

Anywayz, my show has just currently started so I blog later or just edit this.

August 31st, 2007

I watched Hairspray today and OH MY GOD!!! Zac Efron looks so darn hot *faints* He looks so much cuter in Hairspray then in HMS…maybe it’s because of the different hair colour that makes his eyes stand out and that small and short little strand of hair that is on his forehead makes him looks twice as cute!!! *faints*

Anywayz, today’s Teacher’s Day concert was the BOMB!!! It was hilarious!! I couldn’t stop laughing. The choir made me laugh, the short yet super funny skid made me laugh also and lastly, LAO SHI WAS SO CUTE!!!! The mother tongue teachers posed as Harry Potter characters, the science teachers as cowboys, the humanities teachers as Casino Royale, the English teachers as Bollywood and the Maths teachers as some wu shu *kong fu* characters.

Anywayz, Mr. Tan canceled the Social Studies class AGAIN *this is the ermmm….5th time already??* Well, it’s a good thing =) I’m currently waiting for 6pm to come so I can sit down in front of the tv and watch my show. Wondering what is it eh??I’ll give you a hint. It’s on “U” Channel. Can’t guess?? Go check the TV guide then!!!

Hahas…it’s called “Chinese Paladin (Xian Jian Qi Xia Zhuan)” It came out in 2004 but this is my FIRST TIME watching it. There’s Hu Ge and Liu Yi Fei in it and duh…they are the couple but I found out that everytime they act in this type of love story thingy, they will always get seperated. Sighs…I love shows that is touching and that will make me cry. The show is nice except for some episodes where they have to leave the suspence for like so SO SO long!!! I can die waiting for them to finish. Anywayz, in this show, I think the only one alvie will be Li Xiao Yao *played by Hu Ge* and his baby girl. That’s the only two out of the rest that will stay alive which is pretty sad. Lin Yue Ru *played by Ady An Yi Xuan* will die to save Li Xiao Yao and Zhao Ling’er *played by Liu Yi Fei* and in the end, Ling’er dies too. What a sad ending. I can already picture myself crying in front of the TV screen. Hope no one see me >.<

Oh man…I’ve been blogging for like half an hour now but it doesn’t matter…I shall bored you with my story. Anywayz, Guo Liang and Bryan Wang Lu Jiang, both Singapore actors, are acting in the show too!! Bryan Wang Lu Jiang acted as Liu Jing Yuan, Yue Ru’s cousin and Guo Liang acted as Jian Shen. Ok fine. I’ll stop….

For now =)