August 30th, 2007

Let’s recap
The day before yesterday – Raining HEAVILY
Yesterday – Hotter then the hottest thing you can ever find
Today – Freaking cold!!!
Anywayz, the AVA room was also very cold and cold day, air-con room, nice warm jacket and on top of it lies a rather boring Social Studies class. So…do your math and tell me, what does these add up to?? SLEEPING TIME!!!!! Hahas.

The test was horrible. I didn’t study *many of us didn’t* and the teacher timed us. SBQ *Source Based Question* Part a = 8 mins. part b = 9 mins, part c and d = 10 mins. I finished it and thought that I had an okay time management when the teacher said “If you had enough time to write, it means that you are not writing enough” To put it simply, I didn’t have enough things to write. Wow. Sighs. I have my Chinese English and Social Studies “N” level exams next week and I’m still using the computer. I mean like who can resist the nice flat computer screen + the cute little mouse at the side and of course, the ON button oh and the lovely interior and specially designed and not to mention personal desktop with the wonders of the internet stored in it?? I know I can’t ^_^ Now I have to wonder why didn’t these words pop into my head when writing an English essay -_-”

So, tomorrow is Teacher’s Day celebration and I have no idea if I should go back to my primary school to visit my teachers. I mean like my school has teacher’s day celebrations too and of course, the privilege of ending school early at 11 BUT!!!! *There is always a but for everything I realize* I have to stay back to collect my English Test papers and then Stay back for an hour or so for Social Studies which means, I will end at about 12-1pm. Oh man…I don’t want to go for Social Studies >.< I’m LAZYYYY~~ I mean like I’ve been sitting down for three periods straight and listened to the teacher talk and teach Social Studies. Okay….so I didn’t pay like three periods worth of attention but I did listen okay?? I don’t think I’ve done so much Social Studies in a week in my 15 going 16 years of my life!!! I seriously need a break but then again…I have exams next week………

This is so un-fun. Now I envy those who have no major exams that will be marked by Cambridge. It’s part of life anywayz. Speaking of life, why do my paper get to travel half way across the globe to a place where I’ve never been to?? Now, I envy my test papers.

August 29th, 2007

Today, I was not paying attention in Social Studies class…at first I did then later I got tired so I started drawing more like doddling anywayz. After school, me, Mags and Nicole went to the post office because Mags wanted to get so weekend coupon thingy so we went and there was a long line of people so me and Nicole started browsing throught cards and all. Later we got on the 88 bus and my post will offically start.

It was a double decker bus and the new type of 88 bus so we went up to the top. The seats behind where I always sit was taken so we took like 5-7 sits in front of them. After a while….”Ya…friday…er…eat then go watch movie??” then there was something else but I can’t remember then…”Secondary school ar?? I can’t be bothered to go back”
Then…*insert horrible handphone ringtone of a girl screaming/shouting/something like that* then it played again….then there was this really soft one then “Eh?? why your one so soft huh??” “Oh…cause I think infrared that’s why like that” Then there was so exchange of words then “Ya…the shirt was a few months old” “Ya…I think can change” Then -insert some tamil words here- “Ya…then the guy there got the thing” Then we arrive at the Raffels bus stop there and then “Raffels all is *can’t hear properly*” After more laughing and some other random topics, they reached the J8 bus stop and they got off.

PEACE AT LAST!!!! There were so loud that two people from the front turned and looked at them. One with annoyance and the other with irritated-ness. I mean ok, your with your friends and you talk a bit louder on the bus because you’re excited or something but hellos?!?! The bus is like 80% full + 2 bus conductors and you talk at the top of your voice?? Oh my…I had such a tiring day and wow….what a bus ride.

Anywayz, did I tell you that I’m in love with Gloomy Bears?? I love the pink one and as for the grey/black one…that’s another story.

Tomorrow, we are having this Social Studies mock exam thing and I hope I fall sick or something counting the fact that I’m having sore throat for the past two days, it’s not impossible right?? Even if I didn’t have sore throat, the weather is enough to kill. One day it’s so cold, raining and all and the next, the sun is the brightest and hottest thing you’ve ever seen in your life. Wow….Fun huh?? NOT!!!

August 28th, 2007

Blogging again….=)
Anywayz, now in school, we have this intensive revision thing and it’s like three whole periods of english then you take a half an hour break and then another three periods of mother tongue and then break and ANOTHER three periods of social studies and then you go home. At least we get the AVA room so that’s a good news. Bad news is that “N” levels are next week!!! It’s only Chinese, English and Social Studies and then the rest of the exams will start in Oct.

Yesterday, I went to watch Dead Silence with my friends. With dolls and scary-ness included and a big plus to the cinema which had only about 20+ people IN TOTAL….It was way too scary. Half of the population were guys and some girs behind were too scared to scream, I felt as if I was the only one screaming. Then, I stopped because what’s the point of watching a scary movie with your friends in an nearly empty cinema when there’s say…not A LOT of people screaming with you?? Anywayz, it was scary and I couldn’t sleep well for that night.

Ahh…today in school…XueYing was a little “nuts” or “high” as you might put it and I went “high” with her =) Funny noises, my goofy laugh, some high pitch birdy talk and things like that =)

Hmm…Oh, I’ve joined the Quilting Bee. It’s a club where you exchange quilts with other members. You might think it’s boring but I think it’s kind of nice. I mean like. you get to make new friends, brush up on your pixel skills and also, it doesn’t hurt to get some attention for your site =)

July 12th, 2007

I finally did my own layout ^_^ This took my like 3 WHOLE hours and of course, plus coding. I think I screw up the css coding though >.<
Anywayz, tomorrow I’m going shopping with JiaYing and whoever thats going to come…sighs. I haven’t found my english file yet and the worst part is that the worksheet that my teacher is going through is inside the file….I think I need to go and photocopy from someone and I can kiss my notes goodbye T_T

Oh…my sister sent me this ringtone like thingy that is kind of filled with bad words but it’s cute!! I’ll blog properly tomorrow since I’m so tired….my eyes are like going to drop out any minute. Oh and thanks guys…I think I know what to do but I just don’t know how to do it…Nevermind. Take one step at a time. I’ll figure it out tmorrow ^_^

By the way…this is the princess speaking =p

July 8th, 2007

I didn’t do my english. Screwed and end of story.
Anywayz, I agree with Tash and Lissa oh and thanks ash =) That was sweet ^_^Oh Oh and I LOVE JOJO~~~ ^_^
Hahas…I’ve nearly completed my F&N…Have to type in the last part and I’m done. Thursday is e-learning so that means that there’s no school =) I’ll be starting my night study in school pretty soon so if I want to use the computer…it will have to be now…Oh wells…english time >.<