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 February 6th, 2014

I’ve picked up reading again and even though I’ve said about a million times that I don’t like ebooks, I have to admit they are hella convenient . _ .

No need to worry if the book you want has been borrowed or if some stupid kid accidentally spilled orange juice over certain pages or if there are missing pages etc etc (Though my ipad doesn’t have the smell of paper or the sound of the book spine cracking but hey, I’m not complaining.)

I’ve forgotten how nice it is to read, to be able to step into another world/someone else’s shoes while the hours tick by. (Wonder why I’ve stopped reading in the first place.) In fact, some books makes me feel like I’ve seen more as compared to watching a movie while some books make me wanna start writing or roleplaying on gaia again even though good RPs are really hard to find as I recall. I gave up because half of it couldn’t stop complaining about how they don’t want 500 word posts even though my 500 words has nothing to do with describing the floorboards or curtains.


I like to write out how my character is feeling, what’s going through his/her mind but half the population there doesn’t appreciate it. The other half, to be fair, are pretty much amazing. (Just that the RPs are usually full or die pretty quickly)

Anyway, this is just an update to prove that I’m still alive and still prone to ranting as seen from the above.

Heh. Habits are hard to change I suppose.


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