Naked Teeth
 February 20th, 2014

Goodbye braces!

March 13th 2012 – February 10th 2014

I got my braces removed. Ouch. My friend told me it wouldn’t hurt but it did for my front teeth when the dentist removed it. Either way, goodbye to having food bits stuck between wires because that really was no fun.

And hello purple retainers and lovely smile. You both look weirder than what I’ve imagined at first glance. Heh.

After feeling rough surfaces for so long, I thought there was a layer of wax when I ran my tongue over my teeth for the first time. It was just…so smooth like big white flat surfaces of sorts. Anyway, eating was a bit difficult because I somehow felt that my teeth are weaker without metal supporting it so I got a wee bit paranoid but I guess that’s kinda normal. Afterall, part of your teeth was shielded from icy cold water and hot soup. (Or maybe I just have sensitive teeth)

So here’s to a few months of retainers and mispronunciation which honestly quite funny.
Cheers! ^o^

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