Can you say frozen?
 April 7th, 2014

I didn’t expect my layout to become like that. It started off with just a simple line of text, autumn leaves falling on the right, colors scheme along the lines of blue-teal-beige/yellow/whiteish, and decided to try a css menu after how I frowned upon the black menu bar one Sunday morning.

A day or two later, the header suddenly started screaming “plain and dull” in my face so there came PS and new fonts were being thrown about. Due to an accidental click, Wingdings came up and I wanted to use ❤❄ instead of my usual ‘Loveflakes’ text but that didn’t happen because I lack creativity.

Since symbols can’t make me happy, I turned to brushes. Snowflakes, love brushes, and about 10 discarded headers later, the frozen looking layout was born. The movie (or this post) didn’t occur to me till I tested the header on my site and helo sudden revelation of sorts. Heh. I think it’s mostly because I refused to use another color scheme as the thought of restyling my css menu bar, which somehow took me hours to get it right, was a bit traumatizing.

Other updates would be the comment section which I spent a day or two trying to UNDERSTAND it (It was such a bitch really . V . ), some pages, sidebar, and coding revamp. I went a bit crazy with the @import url thingy to keep my codes neat at first but it the loading time was a bit slower so I removed some of it.

Then there was the reset/rebuild css which was pretty cool but I’m not using it just yet because the moment I import reset in, my existing css codes got all screwy and I’m not feeling up to the task of the rebuilding section v_v

What can I say? I’m not as good at this whole coding thing as I’d like to be.

My friend once asked why I’m not doing IT instead.

Well this coding layout thingy is like a hobby. I can do a degree on IT but! I can’t do biological experiments as a hobby. It would be retarded-ly expensive and probably not legal or something. So biomed for degree, coding as hobby. Besides, I’m probably not good enough to do IT as a degree. . _ . ”

Anyway, I’ll be updating the QBee section over the next few days and tweeking everything and hopefully not break anything.

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