Acute Tonsillitis
 December 27th, 2015

Pain everywhere.
Feels like I’m swallowing glass.

What started as a simple “Oh I think I might be getting a sore throat” ended up with me crying at night in bed.

Quite paradoxical if you think of it. See, tonsils are inflamed which means swallowing hurts. Not swallowing equates to dry throat and what happens when you have a dry throat? You cough and produce saliva and swallow which brings up back to swallowing and everything hurts.

I couldn’t sleep at night and so I was just exhusted. Hungry too but can’t eat because the pain was too much.

Dad tried to get numbing sprays for me but he decided to call me on the phone and ask what type I want when I can’t even speak. Ended up with throat gargle but I think it didn’t reach down far enough because my tongue was numb but the pain was still there.

Also, if I didn’t insist on going to the doctors, I wouldn’t have found out it was acute tonsillitis. Asian parent logic was “It’s not biggie, just drink more herbal tea” but me, being the science student I am, found white spots on my tonsils and immediately knew that was not a sore throat. Main point is, it could have been worse (even though I’m not sure how it could actually be worse because the antibiotics didn’t kick in till 2 days later)

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