Grandma fell
 July 19th, 2015

This is one of THE most terrifying experiences of my life.

The story goes, dad found a Hong Kong restaurant with really good reviews and so, he suggested we go and, bring grandma along too. Sounds like a normal family lunch right? Wrong.


So when we got to the shopping mall which was a pretty old building and not to mention, big, we got a little lost. Anyway, we could not find the restaurant and since grandma is old and had reconstructive surgery done on both knees and needs a walking stick, dad suggested he go look for the place while we just make our way up slowly.

While dad was gone, mum and aunt were accompanying grandma, I thought I should walk in front of them and see if I can spot the restaurant first.

Somehow, while boarding the third? escalator, I heard my mum shout and I turn around to see my grandma on top of my aunt and mum on the moving escalator.

I have no words to describe the panic as I ran down on the down escalator, looked for the stupid stop button but failed and so, I ran up the moving escalator to where they still laid in a jumble and held on to my mum’s head in case so she doesn’t get a concussion from hitting whatever while shouting “Grandma, grandma”.

Looking back, it was probably a good thing that I couldn’t find the stop button because that would have meant that the escalator would have stopped with my mum, aunt, and grandma in the middle and I’m not sure if climbing those big metal steps after falling, be it up or down, would have been wise.

Back to the story.

So, we reached the top, helped grandma up and checked her for injuries. The skin on her arm came off, her forehead had a scratch and was bleeding a bit, her ankles had scratches too and my heart just broke, seeing her dazed like that. We sat her down, mum went to find dad and get some bandages, aunt was with me while I tried to do something useful. I tried to clean up grandma’s arm but I didn’t know how.

The most hygienic thing was tissue paper from a packet which I used to dab the blood off but if I cover the wound with it, the blood is going to dry and removing it was going to hurt. Passersby stopped asked if we needed help, offered us wet wipes which I gratefully accepted but didn’t use cause they were scented and it didn’t feel right cleaning wounds with them.

So I tried to google for a doctor or hospital but clinics were mostly closed cause it was a sunday, the wifi was being shit (I didn’t have data because I was still using my Australian sim card), the hospital was not in walking distance (at least walking wasn’t possible with my injured grandma).

Thankfully, the security guard came after 5 or 10 minutes, I don’t know. Time was just not moving at that point but some one must have alerted him (thank you to whoever that did it) and he told us that there was a clinic just downstairs that was open. Mum came and heard it and went to grab the car with dad and not too long after, we were at the clinic. They cleared a zone for us to park in so grandma didn’t have to walk too far and their insurance covered it.

As it turns out, grandma didn’t step on the steps properly and the movement of the escalator just made her lose her balance so she fell backwards. There was some guy behind them that tried to help but grandma was too heavy (like most old people are) so he just…. stepped away. I don’t blame him. He tried, but couldn’t, and didn’t want to roll down on a moving escalator and land up in a hospital worst case scenario. I get it.

So, with grandma all bandaged up (I was with her in the doctor’s room but I couldn’t stand to see her wince while her wounds were getting cleaned and so I left), we actually went to the restaurant and ate. This time, we took the lift. It was a longer walk but what the heck.

Grandma ate quite a bit, mum and aunt were talking about the horrifying moment and grandma mentioned how she thought this was it for her.

Meanwhile, I realized all I thought about was grandma even when I was protecting mum’s head on the escalator. It didn’t even occur to me that my mum could be seriously injured and I couldn’t even see my aunt at that point.

All I saw, and called out to was grandma.

All in all, grandma is okay (thank the heavens), mum got pretty scratched up, like loooooong lines of red just went from top to bottom on her back. She had bruising and went to a Chinese doctor to get a massage and acupuncture. Aunt had a few scratches but was fine overall. And lunch was good.

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