November 26th, 2007

I went shopping yesterday ._. Didn’t managed to rent the VCDs but it doesn’t matter.
Haircut (wash and cut) = $20 (uncle Christopher cut my hair for me ^^)
A pair of roller blades = $44.90 (at first it was $100 but they had a offer thingy at Taka’s Stadium)
Cute guy who served me at Stadium = FOC (No, I’m not boy crazy FYI -.-”)
A book called “Eclipse” = $34.24 (A bit late to buy this book but better later then never)

Total Cost = $99.14

Me ish happy ._.

Hahas…anywayz, my sister, had to suggest that we go to the park to try out our new roller blades. So, we went. BTW, it was 9+ nearly 10 PM…YES PM!!!
Guess what happened?

Yes I fell. TWICE! You can’t blame a girl who hasn’t let her feet step into these shoes for three years blade like a pro right?

Anywayz, it didn’t hurt and no, I wasn’t wearing any knee guard or whatsoever in case you were wondering but I’m definitely going to wear one when I blade again.

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