November 25th, 2007

I’ve tasted the best thing after Salmon sashimi, gummy bears and ice tea.


It’s a classic I tell you *drools* I never did like the lobster salad thing because I HATE the taste of the salad sauce. Anywayz, I told my dad that I didn’t like and didn’t want the lobster salad so he asked the waitress on other options on cooking the lobster and she replied with this “Lobster Sashimi. The head can be deep fried so it’s half half.”

Oh, the restaurant is called “Ah Yat Seafood” One is at the Turf Club and the other is at Beach Road, Shaw leisure tower *or something like that* level one. They catch the crabs, prawns, lobster and oyster in front of you so it’s fresh.

Anywayz, so there came the Lobster Sashimi, basically, raw lobster meat. I had about…10-15 pieces of it? I could have eaten more since the lobster was one of the biggest one I’ve ever seen (local lobster btw) but there were like 7 people inclusive of me so yeah. The bill was split into half, half paid by my dad and the other paid by uncle Robert. He’s from Myanmar and he’s my dad’s partner because he wanted to migrate to Singapore and my dad needed a partner and of course, someone to get access to the Ruby mine. At least that’s what I think…

Anywayz, I think I’m going to get an iPod Touch soon* and a pair of roller blades TODAY. My dad promised me and my sister each a pair and the reason for his generosity? He said I needed to lose weight. Yes…ouch. I mean like I’m not overweight or anything. Just got to the wrong side of the “you must be skinny” scale. I mean like its FOOD!! And Gummy bears. I can resist anything except temptations!! Yes…wonderful isn’t it?

Hahas…anywayz, I currently have three movies no wait…it’s four movies that I want to watch.
Game Plan

Oh and I want to rent some VCDs to watch too and they include

Titanic (I heard the theme song yesterday and felt like watching it AGAIN)
Phantom of the Opera
MVP Qing Ren (Sudden craving for this show)
Bring it on
Bring it on Again (I can’t remember I watch the first on or this one)
Bring it on; All or Nothing

That’s about it. I’ll probably just borrow one and return it the next day and borrow again.
P.S Do you know that the rental shop I go to returns you a buck if you return the dics that you borrowed the very next day?

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