Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve
 November 17th, 2007

One week of job attachment…FINALLY OVER!!!
Well, not really…We are going back on the 29th to set up the camp and 30th to well, do the camp for the 6-10 years old kids…

Btw, the “We” consist of…
Me, Jiaying, Rebecca, Ayunni, Meifern, Enya, Ming Hui (Ah Ming), Ari, Michelle and Wan Yi

Monday was fun…we learnt about Sungei Buloh, the mangrove swamps and bird watching. Tuesday was SLACK!!! We did nothing after lunch…played concentration and murderer and detective.

Wednesday and Thursday was filled with work, PowerPoint slides, lunch and more work.

Friday, we went to IMM to buy the stuff needed for the camp and SHOPPING!!! Hahas…Everywhere had sales and they are so damn cheap. Should have brought more money along. Diva was having this $3 sales with min. purchase of 2 items and I bought an apple necklace with cost 16 dollars for 3 bucks.

Oh and our daddy, Andrew (he works at the wetland reserve and adopted us as his kids ^^) treated us to LJS.
Yummy~ Spent like $44.90 dollars in total.

Anywayz, Ayunni and Ming are crazy over this “Rooster” at Sungei Buloh. The whole Sungei Buloh knows about Ayunni and “Rooster” >.< AND
Jiaying saw this army guy called C Y Tan on the train. Saw him once and never seen him again. She said he looked cute and Ming, Ari and Enya wanted to see him but sadly, he wasn’t there.

Oh and there were a lot…A LOT of bitching that we did while doing our work. Quite fun actually. It’s our only source of entertainment there so yeah…oh and we saw these group of monkey nearly everyday at the Kanji MRT station. One looked ah gua (yes. Mean I know but it’s a fact) and the rest…I didn’t see them clearly. Xp

Oh and at IMM, I bought half a dozen of doughnuts. Yummy!! I love doughnuts and I saw GLOOMY BEAR!!! SO CUTE!!!! The one in bandage cost $23 and the bigger one, no blood, no bandage, just the bear itself cost $30. Sold only in Japan so I think it’s quite worth it and what the aunty said was true. I’ve never seen these gloomy bears before so clearly, they aren’t sold everywhere.

I’m going to buy it…and hug it to sleep!!! If only they come in the size of my big stuffed turtle that was sold and is still selling in mini toons.

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