Oct 24
 October 24th, 2007

I’ve got tons of things to blog about starting with
*drum roll*
SCHOOL!!!! Oh yes…school. I seriously don’t see the point of coming back to school when there no lessons being conducted at all. We just sit in class the whole day, go for a two period, self take recess and then we sit in class and rot.
The only lesson we had so far is one period of physics and geography and maths will be tomorrow…other then that, I am better off at home or shopping.

Anywayz, on Monday, Daphne came to my house and wanted to walk into the mirror because she thought that the reflection was another room. We watched Cinderella; the Korean horror movie lah…not the cartoon AND I tell you, the CD rental shop at TP SUCKS LAH!! I WAS DAMM BLODDY PISSED OFF AT THEIR SYSTEM *rolls eyes*
This was what happened…
We chose the cd and went to the cashier and the lady was like “IC please” We didn’t bring our IC and so we told the lady and she said “no IC ar?? The pink colour one” Like we don’t know what is an IC like that. Anywayz, we asked her if our ez link card can be used to register and she said this “Oh…then you need $30 deposit”
WHAT THE HELL?? Hello!! I’m a student, why in the world would I bring my IC to school when I have no use for it and $30?!?! You think what?? I after school go shopping and eat ice cream at Häagen-Dazs ar??
Anywayz, we went to Bishan and borrowed the cd. My mum goes there often and it is so so so much cheaper then that bloody cd shop in TP. We borrowed the cd and went to my house to watch it.

Oh and on Tuesday I went to Music Story with Justina and Jiaying. We sat in for Jiaying’s lesson and Justina bought doughnuts from somewhere near her house because Jiaying wanted them. I got the white chocolate one *drools*
School was the same old thing though…no lessons and more laughing, playing and slacking…

Today was the same…had a talk about ITE which provided me with an alternative in case I fail to graduate. Things happens okays?? But come to think of it, if I really get into ITE, my mum will kill me even if ITE is now recognized by Harvard University. Not like my parents would care. To them and my uncle and aunty who has children that got their master degree, ITE means disgraceful.
So what if they do well?? My aunty forces them to study and so on so that’s why they can get all these certificates and straight A’s results. Anywayz, I’m the only one in normal academic and my parents are kind of…well…insulted by that I SWEAR!!! Sheese.

I mean like so what if I’m in normal?? My cousin is in ITE and his sisters are university graduates and they don’t say much about him like why is he in ITE and all that shit. *roll eyes* This is called unfairness I tell you. My dad expects me to pass every single subject for every single test and exam and do you know how he does that?? He listens to his oldies at the loudest volume at night when I’m studying and sometimes, he sings along -.-“
Oh and he has this habit of contradicting. I finished my work and so I watch tv right?? He comes home and “WHY ARE YOU WATCHING TV?? I EVERYDAY SEE YOU WATCH TV…DON’T NEED TO HOMEWORK ONE AR??”
I also never see you go work leh!! YOU GOT WORK ONE NOT?!?! Bloody shit lar. Only know how to crap and say I have to study hard and so on WHILE YOU ARE LISTENING TO YOUR SONGS SO LOUDLY!!! This is seriously stupid. Oh and when they need you to help them check e-mails and stuff, regardless of whether you are sleeping, doing maths, eating or even preparing for a test, they will die die come and pester you say what they come home very tired so must help them. RUBBISH!!!!
Oh and when I study until lets say 10pm, they will come and say “so late ready, go and sleep. Tomorrow then do.” The very next day when I go to bed at 10pm, they come in and say “why sleep so early?? Don’t need do work ar??”

CRAP!!!! This is called pure crap. Parents are so weird at times. I can wait 1-3 hours for my mum to pick me up yet when I make her wait for 5 freaking minutes, she yells at me. Yay…so fun eh?? -.-”

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