Grand Prix
 September 26th, 2011

It is finally over.

For the past 5 days, I had 2 meals per day and stood for about 40 hours (or more) in total.

My arms, wrist and apparently, neck, hurts from carrying the silver tray while my heel hurts with every step I take. I look like a walking crab or something.

So fucking tired.

The only few differences between last year and this year was that I had to serve a bigger and much more crowded room, the supervisors didn’t let us eat the food or let us rest our feet behind. Last year, our supervisor and chef saved food for us behind and told us to go in and have a 5 minutes break every now and then. This year, we had to sneak behind to rest and as for food, we told the chef to save a bit for us but with such a crowded room, how much can they save and how much can we eat?


Next year, I am not going back.

I really cannot imagine myself standing there for long hours while serving in that noise on the very last day. Those Formula One engines are SO loud. It’s about what? 125 dB? And they just go by one after another. Hell, just when the race started, I almost cried because EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE CARS started roaring their engines.

I couldn’t even put on earplugs because if I did, I wouldn’t be able to hear the customers’ order.

Oh, btw, I was serving in the hospitality suites (F1 Corporate Packages) and each person there paid about SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS.

I cannot believe how rich those people are.

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