March – October
 October 15th, 2012

I have no idea what I did for the rest of March till end of April but but but, from May onwards, I do have a timeline so here it is.

I’m posting it to make me feel better about abandoning my blog.

May to August I found a part time job and for a part time job, it sure had long hours.
10 hours for morning shift and 9 hours for afternoon shift, 30mins break per day.
Bright side, you can pick the days you want to work.

In between all the hectic hours and work drama which basically revolves around this girl who somehow manage to make everyone dislike her, I attended my graduation, went to the university fair, applied for collage, got accepted, bought my mini hulk plushie, hanged out with friends out past midnight for the first time ever, suffered through the days of not being able to chew properly after dental appointments and quit my job at the end of august because it became more of a chore for me.

September So, jobless me basically idled at home and caught up with ALL of my dramas that I have missed plus started watching some new ones while most of them went on hiatus. Went to Bangkok on the 15th and the traffic was not funny at all.

I spent TWO HOURS in the cab which would move an inch every fifteen minutes if I was lucky.

I think the meter moved faster than the taxi did. I mean, the fare was about 200 baht and about 140 baht came from waiting because after every 45seconds of not moving, the meter would move. Half of the taxis wouldn’t take us there because of the traffic and now I know why.

Kudos to the adventurous driver that took us. (:

So, returned on the 19th and then, on the 28th, I went to Phuket!

I had an awesome time!

The resort was AMAZING and the service was even better. The waiter actually remembered what our family like to drink for breakfast and I was surprised. And and and, not sure if this is common around but it was my first time posting all the bills to the room.

VERY convenient!

I don’t have to carry cash down for a swim! I just need to sign my name and state my room number on the bill when I order a nice Shirley temple during a tan (which I got a little too much off. I’m still peeling which is a very ugly sight.)

Went snorkeling and just a note, the sea water tastes disgusting. I couldn’t get used to breathing through my mouth and basically panicked because I felt like I was drowning so I took off the diving mask and the uh, snorkel, and in went a mouthful of sea water.

I was shaking when I climbed back to the cruise ship to get a life jacket. You can’t blame me. It was 5 meters of moving salt water which stung my eyes, invaded my mouth and it was rather tiring to keep my head out of the water due to my fat thighs which are not as strong as the used to be seeing how I spent my time curled up in front of my laptop. (Lack of exercise, basically)

Mom seriously questioned the amount of money she spent on my swimming lessons.

Anyway, after I got used to the snorkel (you just had to bite on the little pieces at the side that sticks out to make sure you get air and to prevent nature from invading your mouth), my sister and I had fun floating around and well, looking at fishes though I swear they are all of the same breed.

I also, went to the cabaret show which, sadly, was a little boring. The only time I laughed was when this plump lady performed. You know the barbie song? “You can brush my hair, touch me everywhere~”

Yes, that.

When that part played, she was in front of this person and she made him/her touch her cone-shaped boobs which were obviously fake and then…”Come on barbie, let’s go party” blah blah blah was her giving a rather aggressive lap dance (which was more funny than sexual). THE CROWD LOVED HER.

She even did Survivor by Destiny’s Child. I was laughing too much to remember what she did exactly.

Oh, one bad thing about Phuket is the transportation. In fact, I’m not sure if the whole of Thailand is the same but most cabs do not run on meters. In some places, meter is just a decoration.

Which brings me back to the transportation fees mainly. From the airport to the resort I stayed at is about a 30-40 minutes drive and they charge about 1000 baht which is about 40 bucks over here and it can and will go up to 1,400 baht if you have an extra person.

For us/me, it is considered expensive and frankly speaking, a little scary because it felt like I spent more on transport than on food. (Just to be clear, I eat a lot)

I would and will return to Phuket and stay at the same hotel again but maybe next time, finding a cheaper way to travel might be better.

October – presently Returned to Singapore on the first and I have to tell you, budget airlines are not for me. The seats are too cramped (even though the return flight seems to be a wee bit bigger which my parents bluntly disagreed) and you have to pay for all food and drinks on flight yourselves.

The ticket price for the budget airline was about 290 bucks per person (roughly) and the price for the well, normal plane seat (SIA) to Bangkok that I took which provided drinks, dinner, blanket, pillow and a comfy seat was about 300 bucks.

Maybe its the difference in destination or maybe its the group package promotion thingy that was offered to Bangkok but either way, I’m not a fan of budget airlines because I like my comfy seats or SIA because they used to give me toys and coloring books when I traveled with them as a kid.

I’m bias.

Anyway, submitted my acceptance form to collage two days after I returned and received my CoE just 3 days ago. Currently waiting for their reply in terms of my credit exemption appeal and well, waiting for loads of other things like staying on-campus applications to open, visa application, opening of bank accounts etc etc.

AND, I have to find a new job to get some extra cash seeing all the things I’ve bought like a Polaroid camera and its accessories, about 100 films which have yet to arrive and it is annoying me because the shipping company says they need 7 working days to figure out what happened to my parcel after they tried sending it on the 1st when I was home to receive it. I also did my nails which was waaay overpriced considering how I am not exactly happy with the results, bought black and white polish from OPI, some nail air dotting tool and a blinged Hello Kitty cover for my blackberry and I still have to change my very scratched screen protector that is doing a marvelous job of protecting the screen.

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