Stupid M18 Movie.
 December 3rd, 2009

Rated M18.

To sneak in you’ll need…
1. Someone who is actually 18.
2. A nice box-office person thingy.
3. A nice ticket taker.

Now, if you get a terrible box-office person thingy who asks for the rest of your friends identification card or whatsoever, you tell him/her that your friends are somewhere else.

If he/she sells you the ticket, awesome.

BUT! If he/she sells you the ticket, writes a “NO REFUND” behind each of the ticket and uses an orange highlighter to highlight the “M18” on the movie ticket, you might need more items like…

1. Tissue
2. Isopropyl Alcohol. (The lesser the concentration, the better since you do not want the printed words to get rubbed away with the highlighter colour and stuff)


You can just get a friend to rub the highlighter off the tickets and fold them so the ticket taker doesn’t see the blue, ugly handwriting and doubled underlined “NO REFUND” behind the tickets.

On to the second part.
Entering the theater itself.

1. Act old.
Give a stupid gangster face if you must (especially if you are under 18)

2. Hide every single card/item that holds evidence against you.
Meaning, anything that has your birthday on it goes into your underwear or where-so-ever.

3. If there is a bouncer staring at you, stare back for a little while and turn away. Of course, remember to show your stupid “I don’t care if you are big and scary” look.

4. If the ticket taker does stop you and asks for your identification card and stuff, say that you didn’t bring it.

5. If he/she asks for your ez-link card/bus pass/whatever you use to take the bus or train with, say that you walk to school everyday or that your parents drive you around all day long.

6. If the person hesitate, say that you are in whatever grade that a normal 18 year old should be in.

Now, if you STILL do not get through, you complain. Kick up a fuss, make some noise, do whatever you need to do.

The end.

Now, I promise that I will not touch another M18 movie till I actually TURN 18.
I will not care if some hot Korean actor is in that m18 movie. (RAIN!! ; – ; )


Let’s just watch it online. Pfft.

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