About Loveflakes

Loveflakes.net, the first domain I’ve ever bought back in April 2014. (It’s also the first website I’ve ever committed to spending money on aka paying for hosting.)

To be completely honest, I don’t have a good reason behind naming my website Love Flakes. I just thought it sounded nice but, if I was forced to unveil some “deeper meaning” behind it (aka bullshit my way through), I think, just like how snowflakes are unique, love can be too.

You don’t really get the same experience with a different person. Sure, there might be overlaps, déjà vu moments, but if the exact same thing is done with two different people, I think it would feel different.

(I am also a hopeless romantic. Fairy tales are my jam, and pictures of old couples still in love gets me in the feels.)

So yes, unique love would be the “deeper meaning” behind my blog name.