March 27th, 2007

Uh huh…Jiayou for the next CSS audition…I want both of you to get in…You becaue you are the first…and you should get in right? RIGHT??? and Justina because I know you can sing!! Lols…Argh…forgot to take your demo from you…darn…stupid me. Grr…Anywayz, Jiayou okays?? I know lah…after 2.4 km run also dunno how are you going to sing but like you said, don’t get in nevermind, just don’t malu infront of the cam can le…rights?? ^^ YOUR DEMO!!! I have yet to hear it yet!!! AHHHHH!!!! MUST REMEMBER TO ASK YOU FOR IT!!! mental note to self…Hmm…today in school, nothing much happened other then some stupid stuffs and Jia Ying ar…don’t copy her lah…meanie…even though you sound cuter (I never say ar…is you say yourself one hor) but still…aunty Chong XD…sorry lah…I’m bored. Lalala…hmm…after 2.4km (which I sure fail one), go home shower, change then go library at Toa Payoh and wait for Justina to start singing!! Lols…That means that I’ll have to skip my tuition which is a good thing but there will be two make up lesson since I missed one because of the camp. They better not have it three lessons in a row…I might die of an overdose of maths worksheets okay??

Hmm…tomorrow going to watch movie with baboon…he better not bully me…if he does…I’ll…I’ll…I can’t do anything also what…stupid me…must be he call me dumb dumb too many times le then really become dumb…lols…I’ll blog about the movie tomorrow…I f I am free and Oh damit…I forgot to bring home my maths textbook!!! Ahhh…Stupid me…

March 22nd, 2007

Sports Day, I sat with Pearl and omg…it was so boring during the first part…I was yawning away but later it got better because there was the cheerleading and a few people with really loud voices that were shouting away so it was kinda of funny. After it ended, went to J8, Yoshi, with JiaYing, Dawn and three of their friends. Because we had the two person coupon thing so me and jiaying bought a set and ya lah. So, here comes the malu-ating part.

You know the Yoshi set thing comes with the vegetables in the cream thingy thing (forgot how to spell to >.<) So the cabbage inside was a little black because it was soak in the cream thing for quite a while. Jiaying, Dawn and Michelle (I think that’s her name) when to the counter and asked why is it black!! Then the lady changed it for them and brought it to our table…they opened it up and it was the same colour then they call the lady again…The lady told them it was like that because it was soaked for too long and then one of them (I can’t remember who) said this “Nevermind lah, if stomach pain then we just come back find you loh” OMG!!! So malu-ating…Oh then one of them don’t drink green tea so she gave it to michelle, Michelle didn’t want it because she has too cups already so she gave one to JiaYing…then somehow, JiaYing got another cup so she gave me one. So I ended up drinking two cups for green tea and JiaYing also drink two cups but she is supposed to drink three…lols

Haiz, tomorrow still have to go school to give miss wong the file thingy…oh wellz, my mum is bringing me there oh and I can’t go for the Bowling competition, sorry mags…my mum didn’t allow, said something about picking up the new car…Oh and FYI, my mum got the same car model as the one we have now…it’s just that the colours different and the car plate number is also different but other then that, I can’t think of any other differences…dumb right?? My dad said that it was cheaper now so they changed it…

March 21st, 2007


Anywayz, one or more of my famous add-on quotes coming up!!!

Everyday is a happy day…until I see someone and a certain day…(and that day will turn out horribly wrong)
Hmm…what are you?? My bad luck charm?? Oh wellz…maybe it’s our horoscope that clashes certain days that makes it horrible…oh wellz…here’s another one

Happy go lucky…
Lucky my foot ar…what if happy then never see where you going then drop into drain then still can call lucky meh??

As you can see…I’m bored…so I mean no offence…It’s just like a joke…a tounge in cheek…something like that…Oh and THESE ARE COPYRIGHTED BY ME OKAY?? DO NOT COPY UNLESS YOU CREDIT ME!!! I’m kidding but seriously, don’t copy this and put it up on your blog and tell the whole world that it is done by you k??

Oh…today in school…yes…I know, He knows but you don’t know and I won’t even bother trying to blog about what happen in school today…long story…especially with the teachers…I’m getting into trouble with teachers lately…DID ANYONE JINX ME OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT?? Oh wellz, even if someone really did curse and swear at me behind my back, it’s none of my problem since what goes around, COMES AROUND!!! XD

March 15th, 2007

Today was…hmm…how should I say it…ermmm….SUPER BORING!!!! I had nothing to do all day…didn’t feel like playing maple but still did…they should add in something new AND FAST!!! Surf through tons of websites, browse through dunno how many songs lyrics…did my maths homework and that’s about it…oh and I watched tv too ^^ Hmm…my mum is going to bring me and my sister for a movie treat tomorrow…I think she wants to watch “Just Follow The Law” or something like that…not that I care unless she can sneak me into some NC 16 shows >.< I’m not 16 yet…got to wait until end of year…Argh….I want to watch “Horbit”!! Haiz…Must wait….Anywayz, I have yet to do my physic file…must dig out all my notes from last year…did I metion that they are lost some where in my house??

Lighter topics…
Server: Bootes
Lvl: 52
%: 41.27
Job: Ice and Lighting Wizard
IGN: Don’t tell you…later you come ks me then how??

March 11th, 2007

I can’t yawn, cough, sneeze and talk because the back of my throat hurts like hell and my head feels all funny and light oh and every time I try to turn my neck, it makes this funny and soft sound like my neck is going to break and my head will drop off anytime >.< Ewww…Oh and right now, I’m so sweaty for whatever reasons and I don’t dare take a bath because I’m feeling cold…I think I’m having a fever…Oh to add on, I can’t eat or drink because it hurts and my dad insisted that we go out for breakfast…NO WAY MAN…I’m so not going to go outside…I’m just going to stay indoors and try to feel better -.-” Oh and last night, I slept for two hours and woke up for like ten minutes because my head hurts like crazy…then I drifted back to sleep on to be once awakened by my dad who came into the room… In short, I didn’t sleep much last night and I can’t yawn and I also can’t go back to sleep because I’m already online and the computer is part of my life…especially MaplyStory…at least for now ^^