10th March 2020

It’s when I’m trying to scrape enough money for a house deposit that I realise how poor I actually am.

While I never thought I was rich, I felt like I was comfortable. Rent and bills were never much of a worry which made me think husbando was making a big fuss about how the money for eating out could have been a few meals worth of groceries etc etc. In my perspective, I look at my bank account and think “I can afford 50 bucks for our dinner tonight and have money left for transport and savings. What’s the problem?”

But now, holy shit. How does anyone afford a house?

I start thinking back on the money I’ve spent on games + ubereats etc and I’m like “Shouldn’t have done that. Should have saved that money up and I wouldn’t be hoping my next paycheck will make it just enough for a deposit”. All those things I spent on thinking a couple dollars won’t matter ended up pretty darn important because now, the place we like looks out of our budget and we cannot put in a higher offer without someone loaning us money for the 10% deposit (which is just more bills we have to pay and we don’t really want that).

Damn, I really like how that house looks.

3rd February 2020

I don’t know where they are coming in from but there has been one or two (or who knows how many) in the bedroom.

I don’t see them during the day but at ungodly hours, I get woken up by the buzzing noise around my ears. We haven’t opened the windows because it has been a bit smokey outside (due to bushfires) and we don’t leave doors open. There is nowhere for them to breed indoors unless they fancy toilet bowl water so just like the case of the houseflies, the mozzies seems to just appear from thin air.

So far, I’ve got 3 bites on my left forearm, 2 on my right arm, and 1 on my eyelid over the span of 2 nights. Yes. Eyelid.

Husbando said getting a good night’s sleep is like a commodity.

UPDATE : I found the source a few days ago. As it turns out, they do fancy toilet bowl water (we left the lid open after cleaning the unused bathroom a while back)

17th January 2020

My dad has been asking for a grandchild and it makes me a little scared to call him because I know where the conversation will end up.

We don’t have our own house yet and there are places that I still want to visit. While my mum told me once she was worried that it will affect my career if I have a kid right after marriage, my dad has been the complete opposite.

I told him we are still saving for a house deposit and his reply was along the lines of “You’ll be pregnant for 10 months, that’s enough time to save.”

I told him we would like to buy our house first and and his reply was along the lines of “You’ll be pregnant for 10 months, that’s enough time to get a house.”

I told him there are places that I want to travel and his reply was along the lines of “You’ll be pregnant for 10 months, that’s enough time to travel around.”

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12th January 2020

I changed my host. My previous host was wonderful but recently, I noticed the domain redirected to some spam site. At first I thought it was just my browser acting up but then, I couldn’t find the site’s twitter account which got me a little worried because that was where all the updates were.

Then (it was probably the free hotel wifi blocking the server) in Darwin, I could not access my website and for a moment there, I thought I’d lost all my years of blog posts and oh boy, that was not fun AT ALL.

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1st January 2020

Christmas day was flying to Darwin and New Year’s day was flying to Cairns.

Hello 2020.

I don’t know what this year will bring and I’m not a person who makes resolutions but here are some…things that I want try to achieve/stick to.

                1. Drink more water
                2. Less instant noodles
                3. More fruits and veggies
                4. Buy a house?
                5. Text dad more
                6. Be less of a slob

Seems like a decent list? I would say write more but I know I won’t stick to it and forcing myself defeats the purpose of writing being a hobby

31st December 2019

It was raining pretty heavily and we were going to out “drive” the storm after looking for a Rainbow Pitta (well, husbando looked for it. I just stood around swatting mosquitoes) but I wanted ice cream so, pit-stop at Maccas and we sat in the car and watched the storm for a bit (ice cream weather, totally) before I was notified that we should get going in case it floods.


Back at the apartment, the rain stopped after a while, pretty much in time for the 9pm fireworks for family with kids, and though I didn’t get images of the fireworks, I did get the lightning after the rain stopped. The whole trying to get lightning pictures on iphone was… testing but I’m not complaining. It was a little fun.

17th May 2019

Going home from work, I realised I left my keys in husbando’s car which isn’t a big deal… till you consider the fact that he’s out of town (and I’ve never been in this situation before).

So, I texted husbando who was at the airport already and was presented with 3 options.
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24th April 2019

I’ve been missing you a fair bit lately. It’s probably because of the Easter holidays where I pretty much don’t have to work for 10 days. That’s a fair bit of time for my thoughts to drift.

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