17th January 2020

My dad has been asking for a grandchild and it makes me a little scared to call him because I know where the conversation will end up.

We don’t have our own house yet and there are places that I still want to visit. While my mum told me once she was worried that it will affect my career if I have a kid right after marriage, my dad has been the complete opposite.

I told him we are still saving for a house deposit and his reply was along the lines of “You’ll be pregnant for 10 months, that’s enough time to save.”

I told him we would like to buy our house first and and his reply was along the lines of “You’ll be pregnant for 10 months, that’s enough time to get a house.”

I told him there are places that I want to travel and his reply was along the lines of “You’ll be pregnant for 10 months, that’s enough time to travel around.”

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12th January 2020

I changed my host. My previous host was wonderful but recently, I noticed the domain redirected to some spam site. At first I thought it was just my browser acting up but then, I couldn’t find the site’s twitter account which got me a little worried because that was where all the updates were.

Then (it was probably the free hotel wifi blocking the server) in Darwin, I could not access my website and for a moment there, I thought I’d lost all my years of blog posts and oh boy, that was not fun AT ALL.

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1st January 2020

Christmas day was flying to Darwin and New Year’s day was flying to Cairns.

Hello 2020.

I don’t know what this year will bring and I’m not a person who makes resolutions but here are some…things that I want try to achieve/stick to.

                1. Drink more water
                2. Less instant noodles
                3. More fruits and veggies
                4. Buy a house?
                5. Text dad more
                6. Be less of a slob

Seems like a decent list? I would say write more but I know I won’t stick to it and forcing myself defeats the purpose of writing being a hobby

31st December 2019

It was raining pretty heavily and we were going to out “drive” the storm after looking for a Rainbow Pitta (well, husbando looked for it. I just stood around swatting mosquitoes) but I wanted ice cream so, pit-stop at Maccas and we sat in the car and watched the storm for a bit (ice cream weather, totally) before I was notified that we should get going in case it floods.


Back at the apartment, the rain stopped after a while, pretty much in time for the 9pm fireworks for family with kids, and though I didn’t get images of the fireworks, I did get the lightning after the rain stopped. The whole trying to get lightning pictures on iphone was… testing but I’m not complaining. It was a little fun.

17th May 2019

Going home from work, I realised I left my keys in husbando’s car which isn’t a big deal… till you consider the fact that he’s out of town (and I’ve never been in this situation before).

So, I texted husbando who was at the airport already and was presented with 3 options.
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24th April 2019

I’ve been missing you a fair bit lately. It’s probably because of the Easter holidays where I pretty much don’t have to work for 10 days. That’s a fair bit of time for my thoughts to drift.

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23rd March 2019

Just like that, a month had passed.
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16th March 2019

I’m not sure where they came from but I got home from work (two days ago) and realised my husband left the air-con on. Not a big deal I thought as I went about making dinner and I spotted one… then two… then three.

After getting out the insecticide and spraying them all, I spotted another three on the cereal box.

Then two on a chair, one on a shelf by the door, and one in my study.

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