October 24th, 2009

There is a flying roach in the study room.

I panicked and called my mom.

Me : Mo-mom?
Mom : Hello, what’s wrong?
Me: Where are you?
Mom : I’m at ION, eating. (ION is this huge, expensive, but pretty shopping mall that has SOME affordable good food)
Me : Oh, cause there’s a flying roach in the room
Mom : Oh
Me : So what do I do? -insert whining here-
Mom : Kill it?
Me : But it flies! -insert face of shock-
Mom : Well then what do you want me to do?
Me : …
-changes topic-
But how did it get in the study room?
Mom : It flew in?
-after processing it for 2 seconds-
Me : But we are on the NINTH floor!
Mom : Oh, you’ll be surprise.
-I had a wtf moment here. Like seriously-

You don’t have to know the rest of the convo cause it is boring.

So, with a rolled up newspaper on one hand and a can of baygon on the other, I approached the roach and…

Freaked out…

A few times.

> _ >
< _ <

And when I finally decide to kill it, dear Mr roach decided to fly which caused a high pitched scream. Of course, running and grabbing my school lappy included.

Oh and the current situation is that I do not know where the roach is.


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