November 9th, 2017

Back here for 4 days due to exam which was really difficult. Things that I studied barely came out. Things that I weren’t sure, BOOM. I’m slightly salty that all the notes I spent doing and memorizing wasn’t put to good use but I just really hope I pass. Please please please let me pass because I cannot be taking a 3 hour train ride up just to go to class, and another 3 hours back down to go home.

But I guess that’s over for now.

So, after experiencing full length sliding windows and full sized mirror on built in wardrobe, everything feels tiny back here. (Even the water pressure is tiny.) And on Saturday, I’m moving my dresser and whatever else I have left back / things we forgot down as I officially vacate my room.

I guess that would complete moving down to Sydney.

April 15th, 2017

Last year, he sneaked into my room and tried to arrange a chocolate bunny pooping Easter eggs on my desk. This year, it was an Easter egg hunt and after an entire morning of searching our rented granny flat (aka a very small house), I apparently haven’t found all of them yet.
. _ .

Before I have my picture vomit, there was an egg outside that got attacked by what I suspect, a magpie. Read More

January 16th, 2016

2015 was a year of well, it was an interesting year.

See, I took a semester off because sharing a room in 2014 was very stressful. They say you never really know your friend till you live with them and were they right or what. I didn’t eat well, I didn’t sleep well, and oh the drama. That and my grades were never good because I hate studying to be honest, and because of that, I had to extend my studies.

So when I went back to school July of 2015, I kinda missed my friends so I went to dinner at their place and there, I met my current boyfriend.

I’m not trying to say that one should be lazy and get bad grades or fail but life works in a way you never expect it. If I had passed every one of my modules, I would have graduated and never met this wonderful (kinda dorky too) guy.

Sure, it was hard when you see all your friends graduating and you’re the only one remaining in place but I believe that you haven’t failed until you give up and I, have not given up.

I still want to be a researcher, and work in a lab. Sucks that I need my GPA to prove that I am worthy to even be trained in the job.

Anyhow, here’s to 2016 (16 days late but better late than never). May it be an even more fulfilling year.

December 27th, 2015

Pain everywhere.
Feels like I’m swallowing glass.

What started as a simple “Oh I think I might be getting a sore throat” ended up with me crying at night in bed.

Quite paradoxical if you think of it. See, tonsils are inflamed which means swallowing hurts. Not swallowing equates to dry throat and what happens when you have a dry throat? You cough and produce saliva and swallow which brings up back to swallowing and everything hurts.

I couldn’t sleep at night and so I was just exhusted. Hungry too but can’t eat because the pain was too much.

Dad tried to get numbing sprays for me but he decided to call me on the phone and ask what type I want when I can’t even speak. Ended up with throat gargle but I think it didn’t reach down far enough because my tongue was numb but the pain was still there.

Also, if I didn’t insist on going to the doctors, I wouldn’t have found out it was acute tonsillitis. Asian parent logic was “It’s not biggie, just drink more herbal tea” but me, being the science student I am, found white spots on my tonsils and immediately knew that was not a sore throat. Main point is, it could have been worse (even though I’m not sure how it could actually be worse because the antibiotics didn’t kick in till 2 days later)

April 14th, 2014

In two days, I caught up on 40 plus episodes of Fairy Tail while waiting for Nisekoi ep 14 to be released. Little did I know that Fairy Tale season 2 started on 5th April this year so imagine my surprise when I got to carry on watching without going through a hiatus meltdown of sorts (like what Sherlock did to me).

But I’m not sure if I like this arc. . _ .

I’m dreading the whole going back to the past and changing history. It WILL change the future and some of the arcs that happened won’t happen in their ‘new’ future and I DON’T LIKE IT.

This is seriously making me wanna read the manga and spoil it for myself so I don’t have to wait a week for a 24 minute episode

Edit : //

AND I ARE PLEASED (And and really excited for the anime. Now I have something to look forward to weekly together with Game of Thrones and Running Man!)

Guess I’d be spending my Easter break on anime since most of the drama series I’m watching are on hiatus + some neuroscience revision. The previous exam told me that if I don’t study harder for it, I’ll be seeing it again next year . v .

-le sigh-