December 10th, 2017

I just realised before I fully utilised wordpress, I uploaded my images onto photobucket which means, after their bullshit move, I am left with a good chunk of broken images. @!#$

Sigh. I lost the original images because I had reset laptop to factory settings plus, I didn’t back them up… Suppose I’ll need to hunt them down on photobucket, look through all my posts, re-upload them to wordpress, and edit the posts. #Ain’tNobodyGotTimeForThatShit

May 5th, 2014

Due to the Doha Agreement by Universal Postal Union, SAL registered is unavailable to Australia.

Apparently, it has been effective since 1st Jan 2014 but I only found out yesterday when the site I visited only gave EMS or DHL shipping options, which, (EMS) turned out to be just a few dollars cheaper than the nendoroid (Miu) I was getting. If I add in the handling fees, it would cost MORE than the nendoroid which was a downer if you ask me.

It’s kinda like you finally seeing this item you’ve been wanting on half price only to find out the shipping fees cost as much as the item. So it’s like you’re still paying the full amount but they gave you free shipping.

If only I lived in Japan.

Anyhow, because I’ve been missing my nendoroids, I decided to just pay for EMS shipping instead of sending it back home with SAL so that’s ONE down, TWO more packages to go. Yes, I went a bit crazy getting two nendoroids and a some other stuff so now I’m just wondering where I should ship the OTHER nendoroid (Miku) to.

Well actually, I know one package of the ‘other’ goods (miniatures) is going back home because I don’t need them here and it would be a bitch to bring back at the end school year. The other package with the nendoroid and some miniatures is what I’m undecided on. Of course, I could pay more and get both here BUT I’m trying to save something else.

Crap. I should have shipped Miu home and gotten Miku here. @ _ @

This is why I shouldn’t make decisions at night.

November 16th, 2013

So it is exam time!


So there’s the usual 100 mcqs for 100 marks papers which I have nothing against, and suddenly out comes 12 questions for 120 marks. The exam paper was TWO FREAKING PAGES SHORT. I was expecting a longer paper (Now that’s something you don’t hear everyday), something along those lines 60 questions for 120 marks.

I’m not sure if that is supposed to be normal but it isn’t NORMAL for me. They said it was short answer but all I see is everyone else writing pages after pages, some even asking for an extra booklet while I’m just sitting there, waiting for failure to rain down upon me.

Super excited for everything to be over!

And. It is 4+am. I tried to adjust my body clock back to normal, tossed and turned in bed for two hours, decided it wasn’t going to work so I’m listening to echo lectures while…typing this.

I think I’m adjusting to the time zone back home.

May 7th, 2013

When I moved to Australia, bringing a camera along wasn’t exactly in my list of things to bring so when I started my impromptu planing of visiting Sydney with my friend who flew up from Melbourne, I realized I should have brought my camera along. But since I didn’t, I figured getting a new camera wouldn’t hurt.

Thus, shopping time.

After some research and comparing, I found Canon 500 HS which comes in a lovely red rather fitting so I ordered it through the website with the cheapest price and guess what, my order was placed on backorder as they were waiting for new stocks to arrive which, according to them, might take about a week so I will receive it in two weeks time.

That obviously did not happen so I cancelled my order after a good TWENTY TWO DAYS of waiting. Obviously, I have finish visiting Sydney by then so I was all ‘screw the camera, who needs one’ right?

THEN, the dress I bought from Sydney arrived and it was so beautiful that I went, okay, I need a camera to take this moment down plus my other online shopping items arrived also but hey, I don’t have a camera! So, I went back to the same online store because they have free and fast shipping, ordered Lumix TZ25 after hours of researching and guess what?


There wasn’t even an estimated time of arrival and I was asked if I wanted to get another model.

I was pissed. Like, don’t you people update your website? Why on earth would you place an item there that is already sold out? Hell, at least indicate at the site or remove the ‘add to cart’ button or change the status to unavailable!

I obviously canceled my order without making much noise. Not like making a ruckus would get me my camera but I did mentally decide NEVER to buy from that store again. Instead, I order the same model from ANOTHER store that had it in stock and was cheaper.

Guess what, they need a landline to confirm my order.

Now, I DON’T have a landline (I’m a foreign student staying on campus for crying out loud. Why would I get a landline when I have a handphone?) so I input some random number to complete the form and submitted my handphone number in the comments section and when they emailed asked for best timing to call and verify my order, I replied asking for assistance regarding the issue of landline.


Feeling really annoyed because it shouldn’t be this hard to buy a camera online (which is much cheaper than going to stores), I emailed them again, telling them that they ignored my email for two weeks and I don’t want to wait any longer and asked them to cancel my order.

The refund came within 24 hours. Finally, something fast happened! -insert sarcasm-

Anyway, from wanting a camera till that point, FORTY SIX DAYS PASSED.

I don’t really remember why or how I still want a camera after all that nonsense that I was placed through but I did. So after a few days of searching, I went ahead and ordered one and wa-lah, another problem though this time was my mistake.

I forgot to change my handphone number thus, when I tried to pay, the bank kept sending the verification code to my old phone number so my order wasn’t successful. Immediately, I went and changed my number, tried again TWICE but I still wasn’t receiving it on my handphone so I went ‘Fine, if it doesn’t work tomorrow, this camera is not for me’.

Really, getting a camera shouldn’t be THIS hard.

The next morning, well, more like afternoon because I love sleeping, I re-ordered and IT WORKED! It was perfect. Lowest price online even after adding shipping and surcharge, the only number required was handphone, delivery takes about three days maximum and I even found a 10 dollar discount coupon! Within an hour, the store called and confirmed my order and the next day (which was a Saturday), a tracking number was provided.

Now that’s what I’m talking about! Efficiency! Moreover, I ordered the camera on 3rd May and it was delivered on 7th May. Considering the shipment was from Hong Kong and it was the weekends, I say it arrived super fast so kudos to them.

Without further ado…




Well, the only thing missing that I can think of is the manual booklet. But who needs a manual when you have the internet right?


I realize my ipad takes decent pictures. And yes, the colors brightens up my boring desk and room.

Sweet. I’ll be testing out my new camera and will update once I find something that is worth posting. I should also get a memory card and…maybe a screen protector since I’m getting fingerprints all over the shiny new screen. Eeeek!

March 14th, 2013

Here’s the story of me, the spider and the roach. (aka completely useless post that I’m writing because I have time and I thought it be fun to remember how I freaked out when I get old and re-read my posts.)

Let’s begin.

Having enjoyed a medium vanilla latte at 4pm on 12th of March and finding myself awake during bedtime, I decided to do some studying since I’ve been falling behind a little. At around 1.30am when I was getting annoyed at my fantastic lecture who somehow managed to cramp 42 pages of jam-packed information into an hour long lecture, I spotted something black crawling into my room from the window.

See, the windows without the fly screen CANNOT be opened so I was really curious as to how this creature managed to squeeze through the fly screen. I think it was a cockroach (a baby toddler one) but it looked different from what the cockroaches looked like back at home…A different species perhaps.

Moving on, I mustered my courage as it started moving towards the edge of the window ledge and was going to grab a piece of tissue to kill it when I noticed this tiny spider circling it and it looked like the spider was trying to immobilize the roach by spinning web since the roach kinda struggled a little. So I thought ‘awesome, the spider is going to do the job for me’ but alsa, the spider was too tiny and the roach broke free.

(I must say the spider looked like it gave up)

Since spider failed, time for me, the human, to get rid of a roach.

I grabbed a piece of tissue and well, tried to smother/smash it which in my defense looked like it worked because when I removed the tissue, the roach wasn’t there so my first thought was that it is in the tissue and I should get rid of tissue with dead roach ASAP. I barely moved away when the son of a bitch jumped out of my tissue, landed on the table which made me abandon the tissue and almost let out a bloodcurdling scream at 1 plus am.

While I let out a silent yelps and did stupid dance movements (or more like threw a fit) to shoo away the ‘eek’, it fucking crawled to god knows where.

I blame the uneven surfaces.

Unable to locate the roach and seeing how I don’t have insect killing spray, I resorted to using insect repellent that is used on humans. Well, it did make the tiny tiny spider run around (which I killed) and it did lure out the roach. It was crawling at the side of my table closer to the wall and I thought ‘There! My chance!’ so I grabbed another piece of tissue and once again, smashed right down at it.

I swear it is the small gap between the wall and the table that saved the roach because when I removed my tissue, it was alive. Yes, ALIVE. Resilient creatures I tell you. (I am so getting bug spray when I go grocery shopping next time) Bright side, it started crawling on my table which means a flat surface and this time, I rolled up unwanted magazine and smacked it twice before grabbing it with my tissue and panicking all the way as I threw both magazine and tissue into trash bag, tied it up and threw it outside.

So, crisis adverted. Roach gone, spider gone, Misaki still wide awake and feeling really really paranoid thus leading to a shower at 2am.

Finally deciding that screwed up body clock isn’t going to be fun, I went to bed at 4am and I somehow managed to get up at 9am. I was surprised alright. Went against it and went back to sleep only to wake up 2 hours later feeling hungry and groggy.

If there’s anything good about ungodly hours is that it is quiet, the air is cool and it is great for study.


Abrupt endings. I love them sometimes.

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