April 14th, 2011

It is when the love of your life has no time for you. That’s when you, or I, in this case, realized that one can really just feel sad for no reason at anytime of the day like a hormonal bitch. Worst case scenario, cry in the middle of they day just like those dramas on tv.

Okay, so I didn’t cry in the middle of the day out of nowhere. ( >_> )

So, out of all the medical dramas that I’ve watched, doctors are super busy. Before they were doctors, they were super busy too.

I always thought they were just being dramatic because…it IS a drama that I’m watching.

In reality, they really are that busy.

So busy to the point that I really wonder how doctors keep their marriage going at times.

I mean, you get night shift for a week and your wife would spend a week alone!

By the time you come home to bed, she would be getting ready for work or having breakfast. Either way, you just finished your night shift which makes you extremely sleepy and the only thing you can see is your nice soft bed.

And yes. This is a rant plainly because I can only communicate to my special someone through the net unlike those lucky ones who can actually go on dates and show their special someone to their friends.

(In summary, LDR can really be a pain in the ass. And all that above was just a long rant.)

Back to the topic.

Okay, so it is a bit like you are preparing for your GCE “O” Levels and so, the only life you basically have with books and/or in the library. Maybe with tons of snacks and an awesome playlist.

But once you are done with your exams, your life comes back!

Having a job is not like having an exam. Unless you see it as a very very verrryyy long exam which ends when you start your retirement.

That being the case, how do people with those super busy jobs have time for their family?

I don’t want my future home to be like a hotel where I “check-in” whenever my job gives me a break. I mean, that would just be so sad.

Imagine you have a kid and he or she comes home to an empty house after school everyday! No wait, scrap that. How do you even find time to have a kid of you’re so busy? ( o – o )

Something that is completely off topic : I bought hair extensions from GirlHairDo today. That’s their site. I found it a little odd so I went straight down to their store. Turns out I was just being paranoid. (. x .)

Considered cheap and the quality is kind of good for something called synthetic fiber. I think I will be going back again to get more next month or so.

And because LDR is being a pain in the ass, I even made my own profile layout on gaiaonline so that I have something to busy myself with. Took me about seven hours in total, inclusive of coding.

I amazed myself with it. It is my first try at it after all. ( ^ o ^ ) b

Oh, and I won creative patch award from The Quilting Bee <3

First award ever! Especially when I just joined about a month ago. Teehee. Feels awesome!

March 24th, 2011

I seldom have mosquitoes in my home.

In fact, out of 365 days, I get bitten like…none. Or maybe once. Something along those lines.

But yesterday, it was like I was getting ALL the mosquito bites that can last me for years.



Since I’m working at my desk, I really didn’t want to move when I got my first bite on my last toe. (I know, what place to choose)

Then came a few more bites…

So, I placed crossed my legs on the chair.

More bites.

Stupid mossies. Or mossie.

Don’t they/it need to fly?

How are they/it supposed to fly while feeling full and being fat with my blood?

I bet they/it will be clusmy and fly into a lot of things. Eesheese.

And how long have they/it not been feeding? Ten years?

– _ – ”

Anywayz, secret garden is an awesome show. The scriptwriter is awesome. Lines like those are a classic.

Since its my holidays, I have decided to watch shows that I didn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t watch.

Not bad. I shall try everything except for horror movies/series from now on.

March 10th, 2011

new love
Tastes pretty decent actually…okay, it might be a bit sweet for bitter coffee lovers.

Since nothing fancy has been going on in my life….I shall post some pictures of..bacteria.
Ho hum.


The Twins

Big Smile

Oh, side note, yesterday, I was on my way home after project meeting and since no one is going to be at home, I had to buy dinner and since I was grabbing dinner, I dropped by the book shop and bought some files and stuff.

Anywayz, I was tired and panting from my heavy bag, shopping bags and whatsnot and they just had to be planting trees on that stretch of road leading to my home. Well, trying to plant trees.

In fact, they were just getting the soil ready so what they had was piles and piles of fertilizers on that stretch of road.

Okay, so maybe it was just half the stretch of road because after the traffic light, there wasn’t any fertilizers to be seen. Sadly, it did not make a difference as the stench took over the entire street or something.

And it takes about 5-10 minutes walk from the train station so you can imagine my horrible journey back home. It kinda smelt like rotting cheese with a hint of a decomposing rat and salt to top it off.

Oh trust me, I KNOW how a decomposing rat smells like. You’ll be amazed at the amount of smell coming from that one tiny body.

March 5th, 2011


These are times when you wish you understood everything the actors and actresses are saying.

No subs. Why no subs?

Cause the drama isn’t popular.

I have no idea why it is unpopular. (I am definitely a fan). I mean, the storyline isn’t that bad, the leads are kinda good looking and their acting is fine. Why is it not popular?

I mean, just look at Lady Saigo no Hanzai Profile. It’s up till episode 9 already but the subs are up till episode 5 only!

And episode 6’s raw was up on February 13th.

Misaki Number One is not any better. Raw was up on Feburary 2nd.

Deka Wanko have subs till episode 2 but they are at episode 7 already!

I know, I know. It is not easy to sub a drama. There are many things that needs to be considered and they too, have their own lives but isn’t it taking a bit too long?

Look at Dream High. Day one, show airs on tv. Day two, raws are up. By day three, the fully subbed version would be up.

Sure, some might say that Dream High is popular and I agree. I totally loved that drama but what about the rest?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m very, very thankful for subbers and all the work they put into to letting non-native speakers understand and enjoy the different dramas and movies but really, it’s just that sometimes, you have this sudden urge to watch dramas…

THEN, you get all excited thinking about it as you open up your browser. You type in the url and click on the drama just to see the word “RAW” beside the episode.


Definitely. It gets worst if you try to watch the raw. Okay, maybe it’s just me.

It’s because I have to keep rewinding and rewinding the stupid part because I couldn’t catch what they are saying and half the time, I don’t understand all the technical/medical terms especially for Lady which is one of my favorite.

Can you imagine? You favorite 45mins drama turning into a 2 hours long movie and to top it off, you get annoyed because even after replaying, you still don’t understand what they are saying.

Some just tells me to go learn the language. Really?

Learn the language?

Japanese is not easy to learn because there are so many “alphabets” and also, I think there are more than one saying for the same type of action. Say for example, if you opened the door yourself, you say something. If someone opens the door FOR you, it’s another story.

If you learn one and the other one pops out, you get confused.

Korean is much easier because there is a fixed set of “alphabets”. Consonants, double consonants, vowels and double vowels. That’s it!

What’s difficult about it is the pronunciation (for me). Like when you ask who’s there in Korean, it nuguseyo. Native korean says it as nuguseyo but somehow, SOME of us will hear it as duguseyo. More like du-goo-say-yor or something along that line.

Then, you get different variations of the word and when you watch a raw Korean drama, you think know it but when you actually translate it from the script or something, you probably won’t understand a single thing.

FYI, I AM trying to learn Korean. The sentence structure just confuses me because I tend to think in English when trying to speak Korean which obviously doesn’t word. It’s like trying to do maths using science.

Side note, I don’t want to learn a language just for the sake of understanding raws. What’s the point? You might be understanding it all wrong and one day, if you do visit the country, you would probably embarrassed yourself with your odd pronunciation.


March 3rd, 2011

Chipped nail polish
T^T I don’t even know how it chipped.

Nails aside, what is wrong with the weather?

About half an hour ago, a thunderstorm started. Ten minutes ago, it stopped. Now, it all bright and sunny.

Eww, humid much?

And isn’t it supposed to be all gloomy and cold after a thunderstorm?


Anyway, Moyashimon time!

I took them because I was bored and decided to improve my non-existent photography skills. (And also because they seemed kinda neglected after Azusa-chan came =/ )

Wondering what it is looking at?

Oh and that is P・クリソゲヌム’s twin in the background.

Oh…My apple spritzer. It looks like it got stunned by the size…

Well, A・オリゼー, on the other hand, seems to like the chilled bottle.
P・クリソゲヌム and its twin is in the background…again.

Note :
C・トリコイデス(CV:ムーディ勝山): Cladosporium Trichoides
A・オリゼー : Aspergillus Oryzae
P・クリソゲヌム : Penicillium Chrysogenum