November 13th, 2010


I SHOULD be studying for my analytical instrumentation test on Tuesday but I’m too preoccupied with trying to get a code for reversed archives drop down meun on blogger to study.

Besides, AI is dryer than Sahara desert.

I rather spend my time studying Japanese and speaking of which, I have no idea why I stopped learning it. Now I can’t remember my Hiragana and it is very upsetting. Grrr.

Or studying Korean for that matter. It seems easier…


December 29th, 2009

Dang. Supposed to have a movie marathon yesterday with 4 of my friends but….


Sorry guys o ^ o

Was supposed to go tanning with girlfriend on the 23rd but something else came up.

> _ < ! I’m sorry!


Now…I am broke.

I spent 39 bucks and 29 cents? on a fuwa fuwa paper clay set thingy.

Please take a moment to console my poor, shiny, awesome, purple with a white heart purse.

Now, I hunted for a little note in small font that says “Prices are in blah currency” on the site but I didn’t see any after scrolling up and down and looking all around.

Happy me.

So much cheaper than the ones sold here. Must be the tax and everything.

So, signed up for an account, looked through all their products, chose the one that I wanted, added product to chart and clicked “check out”.

Confirmed billing/shipping address, doubled-checked everything, selected “paypal” as method of paying and…





all prices are in USD.

They cheated my feelings ; – ;

Sad me now.

So, according to the paypal exchange rate, 1 SGD = 0.690269 USD.

19.50 divided by 0.690269 = 28.24985 blah blah blah.

Oh wells.

Who can I blame? I should also have read through the FAQs.

Now, I selected the shipping method and clicked finalize order and there came the bill.

“Description:Mousse-chan Kira-Kira Paper Clay Set ~ Sweet’s Accessory,Item no:STT152Unit price:$19.50 USDQty:1Amount:$19.50 USD Description:First Class Airmail,Unit price:$7.60 USDQty:1Amount:$7.60 USD”

Now they tell me everything is in USD. – _ – ||

I could have saved a few bucks if I chose the slower shipping but upon seeing the little line of text which says “Shipping might take up to eight weeks during Christmas season”, I told myself it is worth it.

Guess it is still cheaper than the ones sold here?


Oh wells. I then clicked on the link and entered the paypal site, confirmed payment and everything else.

They sent a confirmation e-mail like 9? hours later (not the automated ones) and another one, three hours later on the same day saying that they received the payment.

The next day, my order is ready for shipping. They sent one more mail triple checking the address and said they will ship my order the following day.

Quite fast, I suppose.

Oh wells. Hope it is worth it.

And I hope I am not that unlucky. > _ >

Mom said we are going to AEON Bukit Indah Shopping Centre in Malaysia on the 1st so if the package gets shipped out on the 26th and arrives on the 7th day…it would be on the 1st.

No one would be at home x _ x

Terrible I tell you. Terrible.

Oh. I also bought a fake Tiffany&Co. Bracelet and a necklace and it cost 26 bucks in total. No shipping cost and yes, no hidden USD or other currency thing.

Still can’t beileve I spent 65 dollars on three items.


Oh wells. More shopping on the first. Things should be cheaper in Malaysia.

I went there once and the first shop I spotted was Etude House. ^ o ^

So pink and princess-y.

Okay. Not a very good picture of it cause it is supposed to look much pinky-ier than that.

Think I’m going to try and make my mom buy stuff for me there.

Lee Min-ho is endorsing their men’s product and though I am not really a fan of him, I have to say that he looks UBER CUTE!

I want his poster. 8 D

November 4th, 2009

Taxi or cab or whatever you call it.

-eye roll-

So, there was this Mercedes taxi. My friend and I were debating whether to take it because we are not sure if there is going to be an extra charge and if the peak hour thingy started already.

Before we could decide, some lady took the Mercedes taxi so obviously, we took the other one.

Like duh.

So, we boarded the taxi and the driver was all unhappy and stuff cause we did not board the Mercedes taxi.

“Since you want to take a taxi, why bother about the extra 20 cents that you pay if you took the Mercedes taxi? Just 20 cents only.”

Yes, that was what he said. (Well, there was something else but I can’t remember everything)


Firstly, if the lady did not board the Mercedes taxi, we would have boarded it. In fact, if no one came, we would have boarded it. I mean, come on, don’t we have the freedom of having a little price discussion first? Its a Mercedes taxi with a driver wearing a suit. How am I supposed to know that it was just 20 cents extra?

Secondly, what has it got to do with you?

It is not like no one boarded the Mercedes taxi.

Thirdly, we are giving you easy money.

All you have to do is to drive our lazy bum to the interchange which is about a 5 minutes drive, drop us off, join the queue of taxis and get a new customer!

So, 20 cents, no big deal. Really?

I don’t see you giving us a discount of 20 cents.

I mean, you did say “Just 20 cents only”

Which reminds me. Russell Peters.

“50 cents a lot of money. You save 50 cents here then maybe you go somewhere else you save another 50c , then you have one dollar. Then you take your dollar, you go to the dollar store you buy something else.”

20 cent also a lot of money. In fact, 10 cent also a lot of money you know.


If you don’t know the whole story, just keep quiet. Is it really that difficult?

And no, I will not stop taking cabs from school to the interchange. You just pay around 30 cents more (provided you share it with three other friends) than your normal bus fare. (Provided that you did not buy concession)

And you don’t have to squeeze with tons of people.

You get to sit down.

You get the air con.

Just 30 cents more.

Which reminds me


I am not going to stop eating sushi just because of a maggot filled brain.

Same theory as the smoking thing. Just because they place disgusting pictures of rotten teeth, oral cancer, neck cancer and stuff on the cigar package, it does not mean that you will give up smoking right?

I know you secretly agree with me.

October 15th, 2009

I screwed my BCM presentation up.
End of story.

I’ve never screwed up so terrible before.


October 14th, 2009

You know the place, with the red hat beside the name with a yellow underline across it?

Their service is so slow that my four other friends and I waited around 40 minutes for all the food to arrive.

In that 40 minutes , we told at least five DIFFERENT waiter/waitress that we were missing a soup and a drink.

In that same 40 minutes, we said at least three times that they can serve the ice-cream first.

Usually, you get the soup/drink first before the main course. Over there, the main course came first.

Oh and speaking of main course, they took one order wrongly.

And we still have to pay for the 10% service charge.

Let me repeat, TEN PERCENT

Some kind of service that was.

So, to make our SERVICE charge worthwhile, we used up like half the bottle of cheese and well, got drink re-fills. I mean, the drinks are free flow so why waste?