March 13th, 2019

At work, I received an email from the estate agent with the subject
Termination Notice

What. Whaaaaat.

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November 9th, 2017

Back here for 4 days due to exam which was really difficult. Things that I studied barely came out. Things that I weren’t sure, BOOM. I’m slightly salty that all the notes I spent doing and memorizing wasn’t put to good use but I just really hope I pass. Please please please let me pass because I cannot be taking a 3 hour train ride up just to go to class, and another 3 hours back down to go home.

But I guess that’s over for now.

So, after experiencing full length sliding windows and full sized mirror on built in wardrobe, everything feels tiny back here. (Even the water pressure is tiny.) And on Saturday, I’m moving my dresser and whatever else I have left back / things we forgot down as I officially vacate my room.

I guess that would complete moving down to Sydney.

October 30th, 2017

1. Only half the floor is clean so there’s a line (an actual line between the floorboards) where shoes have to be taken off before going in further.
2. One of the furniture stores screwed up and sent the coffee table and entertainment unit to my old address so we had to pick it up at the local store. Downside, it was really big and heavy so it took two car trips to get both. Neutral side, We thought it would be flat-pack but it came assembled thus the two car trips but yay to no assembly. Bright side, they refunded us the delivery fee.
3. The bedroom suite was bigger than I thought so, le bf now has my tallboy and a bedside table while I got his cube storage. I also had to buy an extra book?shelf from Ikea to double as wardrobe storage because there were a lot of dead spaces.
4. I finally have a desk and unpacked all my clothes on the 5th day.
5. The taps are too short. Water only reaches half of the kitchen sink.
6. The bathroom sinks are stupidly built. If I bend over to wash my face, either water gets all over the floor or I hit my head on the built in cabinets.
7. I know what to look out for when I buy a house in the future.
8. Today is the 6th day and we are almost done! Still have 4 dining chairs and a pantry rack to assemble, floors to clean, and cardboard boxes to be recycled (We were told to leave them in the garbage room and I think atm, it is still physically possible to enter that room without tripping over flattened boxes. They obviously underestimated how much packing material companies use. Good thing we don’t have neighbours yet.)

October 26th, 2017

Even when it is a brand new apartment, it’s still pretty dirty. There’s white powder on the walls, sawdust / brownish dust in the cupboards, and some parts of the house was so dirty that it became a rough texture. (as opposed to smooth wood/veener). But since I have all the time in the world, I wiped down all the cupboards, cabinets, basically any surface I could find. Vacuumed the floor, hand wiped it with disinfecting wipes before going over again with a wet cloth. (Let’s not forget the condition report where I took a gazillion photos of scratches, splattered paint, peeling plastic, and chipped corners. Was this really newly built?)

You’d think that after all the work, I’ll knock out like a log but nope. I couldn’t sleep. Maybe it was the unfamiliar environment, or the lack of bed and blankets… or being scared. Or it was the NOISE. Why are people out driving after midnight? I have no idea.

But because of all that, I got about 3 hours of sleep in total and I’m now waiting on deliveries.
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October 24th, 2017

Update : // They settled! We are moving in tomorrow!

They said it would be settled by Friday. Then came next Monday, now Tuesday, and we are supposed to move in tomorrow (Wednesday) but we haven’t even gotten a rental agreement to sign yet.

This is the downside of renting a newly built apartment.

We submitted an application early October based on floor plans and viewing of other blocks in the complex just to get an idea because they haven’t gotten the permit to allow people into that particular building we want yet. (It was a unique floor plan that suited us more than the others.)

A week later, we finally saw the actual place, and they said it should be available by mid October for us to move in. Great! We paid the holding deposit since the landlord approved.

There were a few hidden costs like, internet setup fee. Yes. If this is the first time the apartment is going to have internet, we, as the first people to live there, need to pay about 300 bucks so some company can click a button (I’m being salty). There were also things we didn’t account for, e.g When we called the estate agent up, they said “Yes there is a built in fridge.” but in fact, there was a cupboard space for fridge meaning I have to open the cupboard door to get to my fridge which isn’t provided and obviously has a door so, double doors. Ho hum.

But that was the least of our worries because in came the settlement issue. Read More