November 26th, 2007

I went shopping yesterday ._. Didn’t managed to rent the VCDs but it doesn’t matter.
Haircut (wash and cut) = $20 (uncle Christopher cut my hair for me ^^)
A pair of roller blades = $44.90 (at first it was $100 but they had a offer thingy at Taka’s Stadium)
Cute guy who served me at Stadium = FOC (No, I’m not boy crazy FYI -.-”)
A book called “Eclipse” = $34.24 (A bit late to buy this book but better later then never)

Total Cost = $99.14

Me ish happy ._.

Hahas…anywayz, my sister, had to suggest that we go to the park to try out our new roller blades. So, we went. BTW, it was 9+ nearly 10 PM…YES PM!!!
Guess what happened?

Yes I fell. TWICE! You can’t blame a girl who hasn’t let her feet step into these shoes for three years blade like a pro right?

Anywayz, it didn’t hurt and no, I wasn’t wearing any knee guard or whatsoever in case you were wondering but I’m definitely going to wear one when I blade again.

November 25th, 2007

I’ve tasted the best thing after Salmon sashimi, gummy bears and ice tea.


It’s a classic I tell you *drools* I never did like the lobster salad thing because I HATE the taste of the salad sauce. Anywayz, I told my dad that I didn’t like and didn’t want the lobster salad so he asked the waitress on other options on cooking the lobster and she replied with this “Lobster Sashimi. The head can be deep fried so it’s half half.”

Oh, the restaurant is called “Ah Yat Seafood” One is at the Turf Club and the other is at Beach Road, Shaw leisure tower *or something like that* level one. They catch the crabs, prawns, lobster and oyster in front of you so it’s fresh.

Anywayz, so there came the Lobster Sashimi, basically, raw lobster meat. I had about…10-15 pieces of it? I could have eaten more since the lobster was one of the biggest one I’ve ever seen (local lobster btw) but there were like 7 people inclusive of me so yeah. The bill was split into half, half paid by my dad and the other paid by uncle Robert. He’s from Myanmar and he’s my dad’s partner because he wanted to migrate to Singapore and my dad needed a partner and of course, someone to get access to the Ruby mine. At least that’s what I think…

Anywayz, I think I’m going to get an iPod Touch soon* and a pair of roller blades TODAY. My dad promised me and my sister each a pair and the reason for his generosity? He said I needed to lose weight. Yes…ouch. I mean like I’m not overweight or anything. Just got to the wrong side of the “you must be skinny” scale. I mean like its FOOD!! And Gummy bears. I can resist anything except temptations!! Yes…wonderful isn’t it?

Hahas…anywayz, I currently have three movies no wait…it’s four movies that I want to watch.
Game Plan

Oh and I want to rent some VCDs to watch too and they include

Titanic (I heard the theme song yesterday and felt like watching it AGAIN)
Phantom of the Opera
MVP Qing Ren (Sudden craving for this show)
Bring it on
Bring it on Again (I can’t remember I watch the first on or this one)
Bring it on; All or Nothing

That’s about it. I’ll probably just borrow one and return it the next day and borrow again.
P.S Do you know that the rental shop I go to returns you a buck if you return the dics that you borrowed the very next day?

November 17th, 2007

One week of job attachment…FINALLY OVER!!!
Well, not really…We are going back on the 29th to set up the camp and 30th to well, do the camp for the 6-10 years old kids…

Btw, the “We” consist of…
Me, Jiaying, Rebecca, Ayunni, Meifern, Enya, Ming Hui (Ah Ming), Ari, Michelle and Wan Yi

Monday was fun…we learnt about Sungei Buloh, the mangrove swamps and bird watching. Tuesday was SLACK!!! We did nothing after lunch…played concentration and murderer and detective.

Wednesday and Thursday was filled with work, PowerPoint slides, lunch and more work.

Friday, we went to IMM to buy the stuff needed for the camp and SHOPPING!!! Hahas…Everywhere had sales and they are so damn cheap. Should have brought more money along. Diva was having this $3 sales with min. purchase of 2 items and I bought an apple necklace with cost 16 dollars for 3 bucks.

Oh and our daddy, Andrew (he works at the wetland reserve and adopted us as his kids ^^) treated us to LJS.
Yummy~ Spent like $44.90 dollars in total.

Anywayz, Ayunni and Ming are crazy over this “Rooster” at Sungei Buloh. The whole Sungei Buloh knows about Ayunni and “Rooster” >.< AND
Jiaying saw this army guy called C Y Tan on the train. Saw him once and never seen him again. She said he looked cute and Ming, Ari and Enya wanted to see him but sadly, he wasn’t there.

Oh and there were a lot…A LOT of bitching that we did while doing our work. Quite fun actually. It’s our only source of entertainment there so yeah…oh and we saw these group of monkey nearly everyday at the Kanji MRT station. One looked ah gua (yes. Mean I know but it’s a fact) and the rest…I didn’t see them clearly. Xp

Oh and at IMM, I bought half a dozen of doughnuts. Yummy!! I love doughnuts and I saw GLOOMY BEAR!!! SO CUTE!!!! The one in bandage cost $23 and the bigger one, no blood, no bandage, just the bear itself cost $30. Sold only in Japan so I think it’s quite worth it and what the aunty said was true. I’ve never seen these gloomy bears before so clearly, they aren’t sold everywhere.

I’m going to buy it…and hug it to sleep!!! If only they come in the size of my big stuffed turtle that was sold and is still selling in mini toons.

October 24th, 2007

I’ve got tons of things to blog about starting with
*drum roll*
SCHOOL!!!! Oh yes…school. I seriously don’t see the point of coming back to school when there no lessons being conducted at all. We just sit in class the whole day, go for a two period, self take recess and then we sit in class and rot.
The only lesson we had so far is one period of physics and geography and maths will be tomorrow…other then that, I am better off at home or shopping.

Anywayz, on Monday, Daphne came to my house and wanted to walk into the mirror because she thought that the reflection was another room. We watched Cinderella; the Korean horror movie lah…not the cartoon AND I tell you, the CD rental shop at TP SUCKS LAH!! I WAS DAMM BLODDY PISSED OFF AT THEIR SYSTEM *rolls eyes*
This was what happened…
We chose the cd and went to the cashier and the lady was like “IC please” We didn’t bring our IC and so we told the lady and she said “no IC ar?? The pink colour one” Like we don’t know what is an IC like that. Anywayz, we asked her if our ez link card can be used to register and she said this “Oh…then you need $30 deposit”
WHAT THE HELL?? Hello!! I’m a student, why in the world would I bring my IC to school when I have no use for it and $30?!?! You think what?? I after school go shopping and eat ice cream at Häagen-Dazs ar??
Anywayz, we went to Bishan and borrowed the cd. My mum goes there often and it is so so so much cheaper then that bloody cd shop in TP. We borrowed the cd and went to my house to watch it.

Oh and on Tuesday I went to Music Story with Justina and Jiaying. We sat in for Jiaying’s lesson and Justina bought doughnuts from somewhere near her house because Jiaying wanted them. I got the white chocolate one *drools*
School was the same old thing though…no lessons and more laughing, playing and slacking…

Today was the same…had a talk about ITE which provided me with an alternative in case I fail to graduate. Things happens okays?? But come to think of it, if I really get into ITE, my mum will kill me even if ITE is now recognized by Harvard University. Not like my parents would care. To them and my uncle and aunty who has children that got their master degree, ITE means disgraceful.
So what if they do well?? My aunty forces them to study and so on so that’s why they can get all these certificates and straight A’s results. Anywayz, I’m the only one in normal academic and my parents are kind of…well…insulted by that I SWEAR!!! Sheese.

I mean like so what if I’m in normal?? My cousin is in ITE and his sisters are university graduates and they don’t say much about him like why is he in ITE and all that shit. *roll eyes* This is called unfairness I tell you. My dad expects me to pass every single subject for every single test and exam and do you know how he does that?? He listens to his oldies at the loudest volume at night when I’m studying and sometimes, he sings along -.-“
Oh and he has this habit of contradicting. I finished my work and so I watch tv right?? He comes home and “WHY ARE YOU WATCHING TV?? I EVERYDAY SEE YOU WATCH TV…DON’T NEED TO HOMEWORK ONE AR??”
I also never see you go work leh!! YOU GOT WORK ONE NOT?!?! Bloody shit lar. Only know how to crap and say I have to study hard and so on WHILE YOU ARE LISTENING TO YOUR SONGS SO LOUDLY!!! This is seriously stupid. Oh and when they need you to help them check e-mails and stuff, regardless of whether you are sleeping, doing maths, eating or even preparing for a test, they will die die come and pester you say what they come home very tired so must help them. RUBBISH!!!!
Oh and when I study until lets say 10pm, they will come and say “so late ready, go and sleep. Tomorrow then do.” The very next day when I go to bed at 10pm, they come in and say “why sleep so early?? Don’t need do work ar??”

CRAP!!!! This is called pure crap. Parents are so weird at times. I can wait 1-3 hours for my mum to pick me up yet when I make her wait for 5 freaking minutes, she yells at me. Yay…so fun eh?? -.-”

October 20th, 2007

Oh yeah…LT is such a nice place to be at. The topic has a second part to it!!!
Wondy: *shoots callie too*
Me: *ducks behind an unsuspecting monkey*
te hee
Wondy: ….*points at monkey and laughs like a freak*
Me: O_o
Poor monkey…*hugs*
Wondy: *points and laughs at callie hugging the creeped out monkey*
Me: -_-”
*runs away from wondy*
Wondy: you made the monkey cry in a corner and cut itself like an emo kid! you are such a devil,callie!
“callie is devilishly evil
even the devil is scared,the devil!
now wondy is going to tower Eiffel
but what does that have to do with our devil?”
Me: You’ll love and cherish the devil!!
I shall take over the Holy Staff Kingdom!!!
Wondy: damn you, child of devil!
Me: Ok…I can’t make up my mind…
Is this a happy thing or sad thing??
Wondy: thats bad you devil idiot
Me: Reeeaaallllyyyy???
So…Holy Staff Kingdom
Me: NNNNoooooooooo
Devil wins!!!!!
Wondy: oh PUH-LEASE you losarr
Me: >.<
*throws apples @ everyone*
Me: *ducks the in coming apples*


Ho hum….
Boring thing you say?? Well, there’s nothing much to do after the exams so I feel like I’m rotting away at home. I already know the ending for “My lucky star; 放羊的星星/fang yang de xing xing ” and “櫻野3加1 / Ying Ye 3 Jia 1” is going to finish soon. Ep 13 has not been uploaded yet…or was it 14?? O_o

Anywayz, afterthat, there’s “Romantic Princess; 公主小妹/Gong Zhu Xiao Mei” I want to wait until ep 10 or so then I’ll start watching or else I’ll die from the suspense.

Oh and did you know that channel U; U频道 is showing “Reaching For The Stars 真命天女” at 1.05pm-3.00pm every saturday?? I just found out today and lucky me, today was the first ep =) Oh oh and every Monday to Friday, there is “West Side Story 西街少年” at 6.00pm-7.00pm. I seriously don’t mind watching it again. That show was produced about…er…3-4 years ago?? I need to refresh me memory.

Oh wells, TV now is like part of my life >.<>

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