Questions and Marks
 November 16th, 2013

So it is exam time!


So there’s the usual 100 mcqs for 100 marks papers which I have nothing against, and suddenly out comes 12 questions for 120 marks. The exam paper was TWO FREAKING PAGES SHORT. I was expecting a longer paper (Now that’s something you don’t hear everyday), something along those lines 60 questions for 120 marks.

I’m not sure if that is supposed to be normal but it isn’t NORMAL for me. They said it was short answer but all I see is everyone else writing pages after pages, some even asking for an extra booklet while I’m just sitting there, waiting for failure to rain down upon me.

Super excited for everything to be over!

And. It is 4+am. I tried to adjust my body clock back to normal, tossed and turned in bed for two hours, decided it wasn’t going to work so I’m listening to echo lectures while…typing this.

I think I’m adjusting to the time zone back home.

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