No more SAL Registered!
 May 5th, 2014

Due to the Doha Agreement by Universal Postal Union, SAL registered is unavailable to Australia.

Apparently, it has been effective since 1st Jan 2014 but I only found out yesterday when the site I visited only gave EMS or DHL shipping options, which, (EMS) turned out to be just a few dollars cheaper than the nendoroid (Miu) I was getting. If I add in the handling fees, it would cost MORE than the nendoroid which was a downer if you ask me.

It’s kinda like you finally seeing this item you’ve been wanting on half price only to find out the shipping fees cost as much as the item. So it’s like you’re still paying the full amount but they gave you free shipping.

If only I lived in Japan.

Anyhow, because I’ve been missing my nendoroids, I decided to just pay for EMS shipping instead of sending it back home with SAL so that’s ONE down, TWO more packages to go. Yes, I went a bit crazy getting two nendoroids and a some other stuff so now I’m just wondering where I should ship the OTHER nendoroid (Miku) to.

Well actually, I know one package of the ‘other’ goods (miniatures) is going back home because I don’t need them here and it would be a bitch to bring back at the end school year. The other package with the nendoroid and some miniatures is what I’m undecided on. Of course, I could pay more and get both here BUT I’m trying to save something else.

Crap. I should have shipped Miu home and gotten Miku here. @ _ @

This is why I shouldn’t make decisions at night.

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