Happy Easter!
 15th April 2017

Last year, he sneaked into my room and tried to arrange a chocolate bunny pooping Easter eggs on my desk. This year, it was an Easter egg hunt and after an entire morning of searching our rented granny flat (aka a very small house), I apparently haven’t found all of them yet.
. _ .

Before I have my picture vomit, there was an egg outside that got attacked by what I suspect, a magpie. It tore the foil off but I guess chocolate wasn’t its cup of tea which brings the casualty count to… 4? Three of them melted from the heat of the sun / appliance plug but they hardened back up in half an hour, room temperature. Winter must be coming.

Note : Pics not in order of how I found them. I can’t seem to arrange them by filename / title and I’m too lazy to re-upload them one by one in the right order.
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