Theme woes
 April 19th, 2017

Once every two years (or so), I will look at my blog and go “Oh, I should give it a new layout” and every time, I realize how god awful coding is and regret not practicing more to commit html to memory. What is array. What are loops. What is wordpress.

“Let’s add a featured image!” Well, image size won’t listen to me. Either it gets too stretched out or for some strange reason, it just ends up blurry on certain images. Functions won’t listen to me either. It either adjusts the image by height or width and not both.

“Let’s start a comment section!” How to comments. Took me about four hours to hunt for a basic code and figure out why my css isn’t applying to the comment sections.

“Let’s try adding those fancy before and after title lines!”
“What about a gallery?”
“How about some icons for the post meta data?”
“Ooo! Those hover fancy effects!”

Why do I torture myself with making a theme every single time when there are free ones out there that suits my needs?

Actually, I have an answer for that. Back in 2004, I started my very first site with my own layout and never a free one since then so it actually feels strange to be using something someone else created, almost like the blog isn’t mine cause it just doesn’t scream ‘me’ (Let’s be real. I can’t make those fancy professional themes with customization sidebars and the whole shebang to save my life).

So perhaps someday, I’ll make a timeless looking design and it can stay there forever.

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