Sports Day
 March 22nd, 2007

Sports Day, I sat with Pearl and omg…it was so boring during the first part…I was yawning away but later it got better because there was the cheerleading and a few people with really loud voices that were shouting away so it was kinda of funny. After it ended, went to J8, Yoshi, with JiaYing, Dawn and three of their friends. Because we had the two person coupon thing so me and jiaying bought a set and ya lah. So, here comes the malu-ating part.

You know the Yoshi set thing comes with the vegetables in the cream thingy thing (forgot how to spell to >.<) So the cabbage inside was a little black because it was soak in the cream thing for quite a while. Jiaying, Dawn and Michelle (I think that’s her name) when to the counter and asked why is it black!! Then the lady changed it for them and brought it to our table…they opened it up and it was the same colour then they call the lady again…The lady told them it was like that because it was soaked for too long and then one of them (I can’t remember who) said this “Nevermind lah, if stomach pain then we just come back find you loh” OMG!!! So malu-ating…Oh then one of them don’t drink green tea so she gave it to michelle, Michelle didn’t want it because she has too cups already so she gave one to JiaYing…then somehow, JiaYing got another cup so she gave me one. So I ended up drinking two cups for green tea and JiaYing also drink two cups but she is supposed to drink three…lols

Haiz, tomorrow still have to go school to give miss wong the file thingy…oh wellz, my mum is bringing me there oh and I can’t go for the Bowling competition, sorry mags…my mum didn’t allow, said something about picking up the new car…Oh and FYI, my mum got the same car model as the one we have now…it’s just that the colours different and the car plate number is also different but other then that, I can’t think of any other differences…dumb right?? My dad said that it was cheaper now so they changed it…

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