February 5th, 2007

Ok…the new blogger thingy thing is really werid…I’m so not used to it but anywayz, I stepped on dog’s poo poo today while going to my friend’s house. Haha…very funny oh and that reminds me…I have to go link more people and re-link some of my friends. Oh and now, there are three possible reasons for me not being to view my friends blog.
1) There is something wrong with my computer.
2)She didn’t update at all.
3)She haven’t created her blog yet.

Most likely, it will be number one. Oh and do you know that _____ ask me to be his birthday present?? I bet you don’t but now you know. Anywayz, if _____ is reading this now, silence doesn’t mean consent okay?? For me, silence means that I don’t know what to say… Oh and one more thing…I don’t like like you…I just like you…as a friend I might add.

Ahem…today was filled with laughter and JiaYing today “yi zhi yuan wang wo” telling the teacher things that I never do…*sighs* If you are reading this right now, you should feel guilty. Lolz…I’m kidding okay??

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