I’m bring sexy back…
 4th February 2007

Remember I told you that I will be going to Vivo City yesterday to get my blings blings and stuff??? Well, guess what?!? I didn’t go…Why you ask??? Well, I told my mum on the phone while she was driving that I wanted to go to Vivo City. BIG MISTAKE!!!! Anywayz, she came home and picked me and my sister up and somewhere around Novena Square, she turned to my dad and asked him, “Where’s the car park?” and I asked my mum why she wanted to know where the car park was. She said this “I thought you wanted to go to VELOCITY???” OMG!!! VIVO CITY AND VELOCITY ARE TWO DIFFERENT THING!!!! ARGH!! It was partly my fault for telling her while she was driving but still…oh never mind. This time, I TOLD HER IN PERSON that I wanted to go to Vivo City so I’m sure that she won’t hear wrongly.

Anywayz, the happy thing is that I went to Velocity just now and got myself three pairs of ear rings from Watts In and a top from Heidi’s. Let me tell you this…WATTS IN ROCKS BIG TIME!!! Their products are from Korea and they have really pretty things there ^^ Oh and my mum actually let me go to Vivo City with my friends to buy a pair of three quarters/jeans and more blings blings…the best part is that she told me that she’ll pay for it!!! Yay!!! So happy ^^

Oh and one more thing…please don’t pay attention to the tittle…I just love the song Sexy Back so I kind of like added the first sentence of the song to my blog tittle…lolz

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