New start!
 2nd February 2007

I’ve changed my link…again…lolz. Anywayz, I went to Vivo city with Justina after school because wanted to get a top and some blink blinks but I didn’t cause I’m saving Adobe Photoshop. (Or I could ask mummy nicely…)

Anywayz, I’ve started pixelling and is currently doing a layout for my site. My friends still don’t know I have a website of my own and they are not into “cute graphic designs” so I didn’t see the need to tell them. (If anyone of my friends from 4/6 is reading this, please don’t kill me T.T) Anywayz, as I was saying, I got back to making cute pixel layouts which means I will have to re download all my graphics program like giffy and programs like that. Come to think of it, I’ve been doing pixels and scribbles since…wait…let me count….ermm…OMG!!! FOUR YEARS ALREADY!!! It doesn’t feel like four years…Lolz…

Oh, I’ll be having my camp from the 9-10th of this month. It’s an Self-Awareness Camp with all the “touchy touchy” stuff. It’s not literally touching but it’s more of a bonding camp with the class where we all cry together.

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