2nd Anniversary
 22nd September 2017

Yesterday was our 2nd Anniversary. How time files.

As a tradition I started, a new piece of “art” was added to his collection (Handmade yearly with acrylic paint). May there be many more to come.

Anyway, the bf had to go to Sydney for a meeting so I went down with him. (Also to look around the place we thought was a good place to rent he if gets the job). Side note, he didn’t make me a card / write a note or give me chocolates like last year mostly because he had been busy with preparing slides for a presentation (to get an internship) as well as edit his thesis, which was a valid reason. (Slightly salty but completely understandable.)

So, after his meeting, we went to Ding Tai Fung for some dumplings and I dragged him to Pandora on a whim.

After deciding which size I was and what colour looked best, he decided on this.

I quite like it but I wasn’t expecting it to be a puzzle ring. I just thought it was a heart-shaped ring with a heart cut out in the center but the salesman said he’ll bring the other piece and I was like “Oh… okay”.

To be honest, it looked much better than the other one we liked at first which was a simple band with small little hearts cut out on the front and back sides of it. We both liked the hidden design but as said, it is a hidden design and you can’t really see it (basically, it looked plain).

Anyway, after an hour or so at the store (we waited more than half an hour to be attended to), though happy with the purchase, the bf was slightly grumpy at the time. He has a very fixed body clock of waking up at 5ish in the morning no matter how many hours he has slept. Considering we had a 2 hour drive to get home, he spent another 50 dollars for uber to get to the car which, was parked at where we wanted to rent.

Got home around 10 nearing 11 and of course, he was tired the rest of today. Opps!

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