24th October 2017

Update : // They settled! We are moving in tomorrow!

They said it would be settled by Friday. Then came next Monday, now Tuesday, and we are supposed to move in tomorrow (Wednesday) but we haven’t even gotten a rental agreement to sign yet.

This is the downside of renting a newly built apartment.

We submitted an application early October based on floor plans and viewing of other blocks in the complex just to get an idea because they haven’t gotten the permit to allow people into that particular building we want yet. (It was a unique floor plan that suited us more than the others.)

A week later, we finally saw the actual place, and they said it should be available by mid October for us to move in. Great! We paid the holding deposit since the landlord approved.

There were a few hidden costs like, internet setup fee. Yes. If this is the first time the apartment is going to have internet, we, as the first people to live there, need to pay about 300 bucks so some company can click a button (I’m being salty). There were also things we didn’t account for, e.g When we called the estate agent up, they said “Yes there is a built in fridge.” but in fact, there was a cupboard space for fridge meaning I have to open the cupboard door to get to my fridge which isn’t provided and obviously has a door so, double doors. Ho hum.

But that was the least of our worries because in came the settlement issue.

Why would you put a house for rent out on the market if you don’t have money to pay off the property? I assume that’s the case because it was supposed to be available by mid October, then it got pushed a week later, suddenly it was “it would be done by Wednesday”, “No Friday.”, “Sorry, something went wrong so Monday.” and still nada. I even received a phone call a week or two ago asking if we could move in on 1st November (which is too late because le bf’s job starts 30th October) so I told them no, asked if it was the same for all the buildings, and said I would call them back after I discuss with le bf. Less than 5 minutes later, the agent called again and asked if 25th October was alright so we said yes. (Our original plan was to move in on the 20th).

So because she said 25th and we got a confirmation for it, we booked our deliveries of appliances and furniture on the 26th. To postpone the deliveries would mean incurring charges because you can’t just change your delivery dates a day prior. It needs to be at least 2 days in advance.

The original plan was to move in on the 25th, I stay there for the night while le bf drives back cause he still has last day of work. I receive the deliveries while he finishes his work, packs the rest of the stuff, vacate his room since he has already given notice, and hand the keys back on Friday.

(Which also means that he doesn’t have a place to stay if this settlement shit doesn’t settle. And we are moving to the city so it’s a 2-3 hour drive. And we need two trips to move everything down. And his job starts next Monday.)

I don’t really care if they only settle on Wednesday itself. They just need to settle by Wednesday or we’ll be pretty screwed.

Fucking settle damnit.

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