Home Alone
 26th October 2017

Even when it is a brand new apartment, it’s still pretty dirty. There’s white powder on the walls, sawdust / brownish dust in the cupboards, and some parts of the house was so dirty that it became a rough texture. (as opposed to smooth wood/veener). But since I have all the time in the world, I wiped down all the cupboards, cabinets, basically any surface I could find. Vacuumed the floor, hand wiped it with disinfecting wipes before going over again with a wet cloth. (Let’s not forget the condition report where I took a gazillion photos of scratches, splattered paint, peeling plastic, and chipped corners. Was this really newly built?)

You’d think that after all the work, I’ll knock out like a log but nope. I couldn’t sleep. Maybe it was the unfamiliar environment, or the lack of bed and blankets… or being scared. Or it was the NOISE. Why are people out driving after midnight? I have no idea.

But because of all that, I got about 3 hours of sleep in total and I’m now waiting on deliveries.

The rental contract says I’m in building C but the actual building sign said D. I didn’t realize it till the delivery man called and asked where I was. Oops. Mistakes were made but he wasn’t grumpy about it.

After the appliances were done, I received a phone call from another company asking if he had the right delivery address and… he named my old address. Joy. I told him it was ordered at that address but was to be shipped to new address so I guess the company will be calling me up to reschedule a delivery.

Currently, I’m waiting on the bedroom furniture and have a nagging feeling that due to safety concerns, they would not be able to remove their shoes which means, they will be wearing dirty shoes into my cleaned carpeted bedroom and assembly the bed there. (Don’t see how it’s gonna fit into the doorway if assembled outside)

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