Good news, bad news
 December 9th, 2017

I woke up this morning to the bf saying there’s good news and bad news.

Turns out, the first orchid he bought for me isn’t doing so well. For the past few days, I’ve been looking at it, wondering why this particular bud wasn’t blooming. The moss was wet so maybe too much sun is making it sad? The bottom (bigger) leaves have been droopy for a while and I kept thinking they were gonna fall out since new ones were growing.

New growth doesn’t really scream sad plant, does it?

Anyway, he took the orchid out of its pot and behold, 80% of its roots were rotted/rotting, some just crumbled and fell off. There was even mould growing at the bottom! Due to the lack of roots taking up water, it explains why the moss remained wet with minimal watering.

Look at my sad darlings, surviving with one about to die root, and the other with 3 rotting in places roots.

Good news is, they grew babies. (Those green vine looking things are actually roots which explains the new leaves. It wasn’t just new leaves, it was growing another plant!)

So with some sphagnum moss, root hormones, new pots, and a razor blade, we cut the babies off the main stalk, cleaned up the rotting roots and added root growth hormones to them, and put them in new pots.

One of the flower stalk is hanging off the sides because propping actually titled the whole plant sideways since the roots are still new and well, not rooted. The bf mentioned that flowers are gonna die anyway so no point sacrificing the other bits just so it can look pretty. Fair enough.

Now to keep them happy so they will survive this ordeal.

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