Bye Newy
 November 11th, 2017

Last sunset from outside my place of 2 ish years.

4 and a half years I’ve been here in Newcastle. Got the worst roommate EVER, made friends, had my ups but mostly downs, and met the love of my life.

That was my room for 2 years since I started living with the bf (He has his own room, we just share the house with another person.) and I am sad to leave it even though there were a number of spiders, a couch shaped object that gave us back pain, lack of space, missing screen door, general insulation issues, and the air extractor that might as well be a plastic display model, but it was after all, the first place we shared, my first time living off campus and, first time living with the boyfriend (or any boyfriend for that matter).

All the complains and, excitement about moving out yet, so many memories were made. I think I’ll miss it even with all it’s shortcomings.

But goodbye, farewell, adieu.

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