J & M’s Wedding
 December 17th, 2017

Now this is a memorable one.

Wedding was held around Newy, so we drove up, checked into the a hotel, got changed and, I put on my face, tamed my hair, stuffed my feet into torture devices… you know the drill.

The ceremony starts at 4pm followed by reception, we got there at about 3.30pm and, temperature was about 37 degrees. Since we didn’t know the people who were there, we hid in the car with the air conditioner on full blast till we spotted someone we knew.

Now, the wedding was held in an old water works, basically a historical building and, it looked amazing. Had a rustic feel to it with candles and fairy lights, nice dried gum tree leaves on stem scattered around candles on the tables, the vibe was amazing, the whole place basically looked good! Problem was, it didn’t have air conditioning, and they couldn’t turn on the fans because it was really loud. The ceremony was supposed to be held outside in this big open field with beautiful trees lining around but to was too warm to stay outside.

Long story short, I almost fainted at the worst time possible.

I had no idea the celebrant had two pages worth of things to say before the vows came so, in the middle of that hot, stuffy, room where I stood, white specks started to form in my vision. By the time I told le bf, my hearing was starting to become muffled, which was when the happy couple were saying their vows. When everything became completely white, it was the exchanging rings. Then finally the kiss while the bf was holding on to me. I couldn’t see, but I somehow still managed to clap at the end of it, and was brought outside when they had to sign their marriage certificate.

Apparently 3 people were rushing to get me ice cold water which the bf was amused.

Sitting outside for about a minute, having that breeze and, some cold water to drink was such a relief. It didn’t take long before my vision and hearing got restored. I was also so thankful that I didn’t collapse and ruin their wedding.

Back to the wedding. It was small, cozy, simple, and amazing overall. It was so different compared to Chinese wedding banquet where you get an 8 course meal so for 5 hours, the bridal march, speeches, champagne tower, toasts, taking pictures with the couple by table, and everything else happens between courses. They don’t usually exchange rings or say their vows during that time. It’s usually done in the morning where only close friends and immediate family attends.

I mean, I’m sure you can get that in Western countries too but I quite like the open bar, the chance to mingle and move around, as opposed to sitting in that same seat and having to run back when the next course is being served. The canapes were amazing but the main was dished out really slowly, mostly because the food truck could not cope with the volume as the grill was only that big. Pretty understandable that not everyone got to eat at the same time. Not that it mattered because most of us were pretty stuffed on the canapes.

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