Car troubles
 18th December 2017

The day after the wedding, we woke up bright and early (much to my dismay due to the late night), got ready to leave for breakfast, only to discover that the car battery is flat.

Le bf had jumper leads so he managed to get help from someone at the hotel. Deciding to give a chance for the battery to charge, we drove to Hunter Valley for breakfast instead of having it nearby. Found a nice place, parked, spent about an hour there, paid, went back to the car, and… battery flat AGAIN.

Well, we manage to get it to roll over after a few tries, then went for a drive to pass the time because my favourite winery only opens at 10 and also we thought maybe the battery didn’t have time to charge. So, after driving around for 40mins, we parked at the winery, engine left running, and I went to buy some wine while le bf sat in the car.

Next problem, petrol.

To get patrol, we had to turn the engine off which means… we might not get it to start again.

After googling, apparently, you CAN leave the engine running while filling up the car. What. Is that even safe. What is this sorcery. But it was our only option so, that was what we did. Everything went fine and we drove for another 2 hours to get down to Sydney and… groceries.

Our fridge was almost empty and the farmer’s market was in the vicinity so, we parked and of course, the car would not start once it stopped. Definitely a battery problem because if it remain charged after 2 hours of driving, I’m not sure what will.

Anyway, got help from a nice lady with a really well maintained 80’s Mercedes and we went straight home after that.

Till the battery gets changed, I guess we won’t be driving anywhere.

At least the battery got us to and out of the wedding. Phew, could have been a lot worse.

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