The curious case of houseflies
 16th March 2019

I’m not sure where they came from but I got home from work (two days ago) and realised my husband left the air-con on. Not a big deal I thought as I went about making dinner and I spotted one… then two… then three.

After getting out the insecticide and spraying them all, I spotted another three on the cereal box.

Then two on a chair, one on a shelf by the door, and one in my study.

What on earth is going on.

The windows were all shut and they weren’t there the day before. I don’t even understand how they are getting in.

Did I bring home some housefly eggs or something? Are they breeding in some lonely corner, biding their time to release destruction upon the world my house?

Yesterday, I believe it was all well and dandy but today! Oh gosh. There’s two in the kitchen and about five in the living room. I am certain I killed the ones that were there on Thursday because their carcasses, as gross as it might be / sound, are still littered on the floor. I haven’t busted out the vacuum cleaner yet and my excuses are long days at work and weekends (which is today and tomorrow) are housework days aka the day(s) we clean and change the sheets etc.

I really do hope they go away soon. Not only are they annoying but the act of spraying them just leads to insecticide on furniture and surfaces.

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