Kicked out
 13th March 2019

At work, I received an email from the estate agent with the subject
Termination Notice

What. Whaaaaat.

So as it turns out, the landlord decided that he wanted to stay in the apartment at the end of our lease and there was a miscommunication because a few days ago, the estate agent called my husband and asked if we wanted to renew the lease for another year which we said yes. (We haven’t saved quite enough deposit for a house yet so a year would just be enough time.)

I really thought the next time I was gonna move would be into a home that we bought but guess not. I’ll have to rent a new place and move to it in a month, and then move again after the lease is up (into our new home that we bought, hopefully.)

My husband also brought it to my attention that the date for giving up the keys falls between the long weeks of holidays being Good Friday, Easter Monday, and Anzac day which means, no one will be working. I won’t be able to hire movers or cleaners or even sign a new lease during that week which means, I have to rent before that and pay double rent.

I guess I have to start packing and getting rid of things that I don’t really need / haven’t used in a while.

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